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    Default Changes since new website started

    I'm wondering if someone could clarify for me some changes I noticed. I saw the complimentary wedding is now the one love package. It says it's free with 6 nights or more. When I went under both the fall in love again and the early escapes specials it says they're not combinable with complimentary wedding or honeymoon amenities. When I called they weren't sure which was correct. Also, I noticed the free 1/2 hour couples massage is no longer listed under the inclusions, is that not included anymore?

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    I am also wondering the same. I am going to assume that they will honor the original offers for when I booked.

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    I would love to know the answer to these questions. I booked the honeymoon 4 months ago in hope of getting the complimentary 1/2 hour couples massage so i hope they honor that!

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    I just booked my trip for May 2012 today so hopefully my travel agent can get me one of them complimentary

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    I emailed Debbie and she said that if you booked with the old complimentary package it would all be hopefully all goes well. I know how you guys feel! As soon as I saw the changes I just had to email her!

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    Default Couples Massgae ????

    I booked back in Sep 2010 when it was included. I would also like to know if it is still included???

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    That's too bad. We never received our sparkling wine when we had our honeymoon but we sure did appreciate our massages!

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    I can't find the thread right now but I know when they changed the Romance Rewards program Randymon posted that those changes would take effect for travel after a certain date. I wonder if that's the case for the change in honeymoon inclusions, as well, or if it's truly based on when you booked. We booked our June 2012 honeymoon in March 2011 when the massages were still included, but I would be surprised if we were to receive the complimentary massage in June 2012.

    Randymon - what's the rule of thumb in this case?

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    I contacted Couples and I said that I booked my honeymoon in October 2010 and that the 1/2 hour massage was included and would we still get it. They said if it was there when we booked we would get it. So am pleased about that. I might print out their response just in case.
    Couples Tower Isle September 2011

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    I asked the same thing about a vow renewal and was told by Couples that we would still have to pay the $250.00 even though we have booked 9 nights. We planned this trip while at CSA in September of 2010 while checking out CSA for our 40th anniversary vow renewals on August 29th 2011. Evidently my reading of the website is also confusing to other couples asking the same questions. I was not asking for my money back , I just wanted to use my $250.00 that has been paid for resort credits.

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    Oh boy! I booked in June of 2010 for my wedding in Noveber... I hope I still get the massages and other perks I was informed of...

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