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    Apart from making the request through our tour group (West Jet) is there any advice out there to help me ensure we get a NS room? My wife gets serious allergy attacks when exposed to even the tiniest bit, including the hint remaining in a well cleaned room.

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    There are no non-smoking rooms as far as I know

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    There are no non smoking rooms at any of the Couples Resorts. You will get plenty of response from people in the same position who never have a problem. I hate smoke and have never had an issue with the rooms there. All the floors are tiled and most poeple have the doors and windows open so no smoke smell ever builds up.

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    There are NO non-smoking rooms at Couples or many other resorts outside the US that I know if. The non-smoking thing is mostly a US thing. That said, the rooms have tile floors and not much in the way of fabric to trap smoke smell. I have never heard of anyone having a problem in the past 7 years that I have been going to Couples resorts. You will be fine and have a BLAST!!!

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    Ditto what everyone said. However, if you get to your room and you notice it, please let the front desk know. They will do everything they can to accommodate you. What I would suggest is that when they give you the room key, ask to go see the room before having your luggage taken up. We did this last year and it wasn't a problem. Beats have the bellman take you there with your bags and you realize it's not going to work and have to haul everything back to the front desk.

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    My husband's throat closes at the littlest smell of smoke and it sets off my asthma. I was concerned the first time we went as I was afraid we'd be in trouble. But we have been to Couples 5 times and have never had an issue. They do amazing stuff when they clean and you can never smell it.
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    I am a smoker *sorry* and I personally never smoke in the room. Every room has a large walk out balcony and the ash tray is outside on the table. All the smokers I know that go as well smoke outside, not in their rooms. Why would you want to smoke in you room when you can sit outside in a perfect climate and watch the waves hit the beach or the birds in the garden. I think this might be another reason people with smoke allergies do not have any problems. The rooms are immaculate and us nasty smokers *I know we are* smoke outside.

    To your wives advantage we also noticed that there are not as many ashtrays around the resort. So smoking is mostly done at the bars. It is a nasty habit I wish I could quit. We are always very conscious when we smoke. I know everyone isn't. I think your wife will be fine. Go NO WORRIES MON!

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    My wife is not a smoker and has a very sensitive nose for smoke, and was surprised to find out that all rooms were smoking. She has yet to tell me she can smell smoke in any of the rooms we have stayed in at CN. She is so sensitive to smoke, that we were staying in a hotel by the Miami airport once, and there were fires in the everglades many miles away. The wind shifted during the night and she wakes me up at 4am saying the hotel is on fire and we need to get out. After much grumbling and telling her it was not, and after cautiously going out of our room and walking around, we finally went to the front desk and asked. That is when we found out about the everglades. Still she could not go back to sleep because of smoke, which I could only smell if I was outside.

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    Thanks to all those that replied to this thread. There was no problem at all with odors in the room. Thanks Couples!

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    Ditto what another smoker said. Smoking indoors is nasty, so when my dirty self wanted a smoke, I would sit out on the balcony with the balcony door closed. Plus, we were really only awake in our rooms when showered and dressed in the morning, and once in the evening to get cleaned up for dinner. Glad we dirty smokers don't seem to be causing much trouble for the rest of you!

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