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    Default SCUBA excursions from CTI?

    So the wife is finally going to go learn to SCUBA dive this summer, and I'm going to take a refresher course. We're going to CTI in November, and will almost certainly put our new found skills to use.

    So my question is, where do the dives go?
    What sights will we visit?
    I've done a bit of quick Googleing for Jamaican SCUBA sites, and noticed the wreck of the Kathryn is near Ocho Rios, and looks interesting.

    Or is the diving mostly looking at the reefs (which will be fine for a pair of inexperienced divers like we are!)

    Jason A.
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    Hi, When I was diving in March we did 2 wreck dives, 1 of which was the Kathryn and the rest of the diving was on the reefs. Talk to the dive team Colin, Tiger, Rasta and Douglas will try an ensure you get to do what you want to do as long as it fits with everyone else which the wrecks normally do. The 1st dive each morning is the deep dive for qualified divers and the 2nd doive each morning is for the resort divers. You will breack from the novices but your depth will be aorund 40 feet whilst they go elsewhere on the reef to about 30. Go enjoy the dive crew are a great bunch of guys who want to make sure you have a great time.
    Regards Dave and Chell

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    Cool, thanks!

    While I've got Advanced Open Water, it's been so long that I'd be more comfortable sticking with the easy dives, rather than the deep dive. Although I do remember that the deepest dive should be the first dive, followed by shallower dives (seeing as you'll build up nitrogen in the blood, and the bends ain't fun, which thankfully I've not had first- or second-hand experience with!)


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    Don't worry if you need they can offer a pool refresher for $50 if it had been a while since you last dived alternatively start with the shallow dive and move on to the deep dives. The dive crew will make sure that you are diving within time and nitrogen limits if you do take 2 dives a day as they don't want to exceed them themselves. Deepest dive I did whilst there was 90 feet on Barracuda Reef all the others were generally 40 - 60 feet.

    Enjoy you will have a blast with the guys.

    Regards Dave and Chell.

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