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Thread: New packages???

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    Default New packages???

    So now we don't get the 25 minute massages with the new packages when getting married??
    What is going on!!

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    oh no really, I was just checking the new website. Well I am going to take my orginial email etc I have gotten when I booked the wedding and just stand on my ground that thats what my information says. Hopefully that will work. They should honour it for us since we booked a long time ago it should just be for new bookings

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    Yeah I am going to have a problem with that.
    Also was the cake only 1 tier and the flowers only the pink orchids?

    I can't find optional additions either or the price list.

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    I would assume that if your wedding package is already booked, you are entitled to whatever amenities that came with it. Maybe Randymon could clarify.

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    I am very disappointed as well. We were really looking forward to the 25 min. massages and now with the resort credit that we get instead we would have to pay another $110 to get a 55 minute couples massage. I feel that if you have already reserved your wedding time slot, they should honor the old wedding packages. The included massage was all we have been talking about for the past month! And now to find out we don't get it and have to pay if we want one was a very sad moment for us. We are on a very strict budget for our wedding and did not budget an extra $110 for massages. Also, I don't like how it now says for the bouquet/bout that you only get orchids. I guess that made my decision that I will be bringing my own fake flowers from home.
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    I e-mailed Debbie and said that its notated that we booked under the old package. So it shouldn't be any issue.

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    thanks kelcan54 for emailing Debbie I was going to today, but I also figured she might be getting alot of paniced brides emailing her!

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    I did the same thing...emailed Debbie. She said since we booked previously they would honor the massages. I'm printing off that email and taking it with me!!

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    Hi ladies...I am sure some of you may have already emailed Debbie, but I thought I would share my response from her.

    My fiance and I booked in the fall of 2010 and Debbie confirmed to me that would be getting the following:

    Wedding Coordinator
    Non-denominational Ceremony
    Sparkling Wine
    Two-Tier Cake
    Bridal Bouquet
    Groom Boutonniere
    His & Hers Half-Hour Massages
    Commemorative T-shirts

    I also asked for an updated price list in case this had changed as well and she said that it had not and sent the price list I already had.

    Hope this helps and everyone's planning is going well!!


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    Default We still get the couples massages!

    I also e-mailed Debbie when I noticed the difference in the new packages and she said that all couples who booked before the changes will still get the couples messages included in their wedding package! Yay! Only 20 days until Jamaica!

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    I think a lot of brides were concerned about the new wedding packages. I emailed Debbie as soon as I saw the changes. She confirmed that these new packages were effective as of April 25th. Anyone who booked before then will be getting the old package and inclusions!!!

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    I was so scared when I saw all the changes !! I also noticed that the package that I booked included 24 photos and now all the photography is separate. We booked March 7th....wheew...that was close!!!!

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    I just recently returned from our weddingmoon at csa and everything was honored except the cake was only one tier.

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    We wed at CSA on May 20th. Everything from the previous wedding package was honored including the 30 minute massages and 2 tier wedding cake. The ladies in the spa were so nice, they gave us an extra 15 minutes We didn't have to pay extra for anything except an upgraded bouquet and I got exactly what I wanted. The wedding coordinator onsite also confirmed that as long as everything was booked before April 25th, the old packages would apply. Hope this helps any future brides

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    Which site did you guys see this on?? I just looked at the wedding packages and it still says 25 min. couples massage under the One Love package?!?! The only difference is it doesn't say two tiered cake, but it doesn't say one tiered cake either... hmmmm.... I need to book our day ASAP!

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    @ ems1983: When the new website was launched and wedding packages updated in April 2011, the " One love" package did not include the massages. I take it after many comments or additonal feedback, Couples chose to add that back to the packages. I know I was very concerned that I wouldn't be getting what I originally booked and planned for. In the end, everything worked out fine and we got what were supposed to have including the 2-tier wedding cake which was offered back when I booked last year.

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    I'm so confused and just emailed Debbie. I just looked online at the One Love package and it still says it includes the 25 minute massage. The description said it when I booked, which was May 25th--one month after NegrilBride was told that it ended.

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