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    Default Question about AirLink timing...

    Typically, how much time do you have between landing in MoBay, and getting on the AirLink planes?

    We are trying to see which scheduled flight would be best for us, we are scheduled to land in MoBay at 2:05 pm.... and AirLink has scheduled flights at 2:45 and 3:45.

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    Ask depends in how long it takes to get through customs and immigration. Out was crazy busy yesterday tom us about an hour our so to get through, then we had to find our luggage. Thank god smokey couple we met online were flying they mentioned us to the airlink guts and the couples people knew we wee flying and looked for us. Try for the 2:45, if you don't make it you can always take the bus...we just missed the bus and didn't want to wait the 30 min so we hopped the flight.
    Erika & Sean

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    Quote Originally Posted by molls332233 View Post
    Typically, how much time do you have between landing in MoBay, and getting on the AirLink planes?
    Short answer- you may make the 2:45 but you may have to wait for the later flight (or request a charter) and you can't really tell until you get there.

    We've found almost all of the following steps can vary in length of time:

    • Taxi to gate
    • Plane door open
    • De-plane
    • Walk to Immigration Line
    • Wait in Immigration Line
    • Processing by Immigration Officer
    • Walk to Luggage (if any)
    • Wait on Luggage (if any and possibly)
    • Walk to Customs
    • Wait in Customs Line
    • Process By Customs
    • Walk to Int'lAirlink/TimAir Counter (or find employee) & Notify Couples of arrival
    • Wait on TimAir/Int'lAirLink (possibly)
    • Walk to Domestic Airlines Counter
    • Check-In/Weigh/Pay at Int'lAirlink/TimAir
    • Wait on plane (possibly)
    • Wait on other passengers (possibly)
    • Pass through security at Domestic Airlines Counter
    • Walk to plane

    Many of the above can be zero, or near zero, in duration. If you actually land at 2:05 (or earlier, which is possible but don't plan on it) you'd have 40 minutes. We've made it through the above in less than that but also have had it be a bit longer. Good Luck.

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    I've seen the first two replies and they seem more hopeful. I'm going to say no way you'll make a 2:45 unless your commercial flight landed early and airlink gave you a few minutes of extra time. Heck, depending on where you are seated on the plane just deplaning can easily take 10-15 minutes. If you were coming in first thing in the morning I'd say you could breeze through immigration and customs with no lines, in the after noon you are going to have at least some wait time I'd say. Even just the folks from your plane alone unless you are first could create a line in immigration of 15 minutes or better but I'm doubting you'll be the only plane at that time of day...doubt you get done with immigration in under 30 minutes. Collecting your bags will likely be a wash...if the immigration line is short you saved time there but you'll wait for your bags, if immigration lines are long your bags will be off the plane. Grab your bags and head for customs, these lines generally move pretty quick but still another 10 minutes or so. I just don't think you can make it if your plane is on-time. I guess that's the gamble with the scheduled flights and saving the money. You could do a charter if you want to pay a little extra. If you are considering the 3:45 flight you may not get to the resort that much ahead of the shuttle, it's up to you how much money you have to burn.

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