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    Default All of our pics - Wedding CTI

    Here is a link to all of our pics. You can tell the difference between the photographer pictures and the friends pics. Great time at CTI. As you can see, the resort is beautiful.

    Also - on the link - there is a photobook you can click on. This is just using Stacey's pics.

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    thanks so much for sharing your pictures. Very beautiul

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    Beautiful pics! We are going to cti in April 2011 to get married. Are those pics that were taken from the resort photographer?

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    They were a combination of our friends pics and Stacey Clarkes pics. We used her for about an hour and half. It was $500. Here is a link to our slideshow. Most of these are Stacey's pics and a few of are friends pics.

    Its best to pause the youtube video for a few minutes right at the beginning, that way it buffers, and you can watch it without it stopping all the time.

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    Lovely pics....I like the vacations pics more than others..And yes this youtube video is simply superb.

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