The (CSA) Scuba schedule looks like the beginner only has start date, not completion time. There is an 8:45am class and another one same day at 11am. Does that mean it only lasts for 2hrs 15mins ? Or is that just the instructional portion and then the dive is later ? Looking at the activities page it's unclear to me.

Also, does anyone know if you can call Couples before you arrive in advance and book your time early ? Since we're only at CSA for 5 days I want to make sure we get a spot on one of the days we plan to actually be at the resort during the morning/day.

Lastly: For people who have never scuba'd.... I saw the form you have to fill out, but there's no need for a doctor to OK that, is there ?? I want to avoid showing up, then having them tell us we need to see a Jamaican doctor to confirm "my word".