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    Default Calling all 2012 march maniacs

    its time family.......... the countdown has begun for next march at swept away, heading down march 11 - 21, 10 days of sun and fun, wayne and jan

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    Just book trip # 11. March 1 - 10.

    Now if I can just book some decent airfare out of O'Hare!!!

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    We are booked from March 21 - 31. Fifth visit to CSA but have always gone in January or February before. Meeting some special friends from the UK this time.

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    Feb. 29 -Mar.10 . trip #7. Hope the weather is as great as beginning of Feb. this year.Usually go end of Feb/first of Mar. this year went earlier in Feb. Hope to see our dear friend Stanley next year as missed him this year.

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    It really feels official now...we were finally able to book our flights. Prices not tood bad and got excellent flight times. Will arrive in Montego Bay by 1:30 in the afternoon and our departing flight isn't until 7:15 in the evening! That means we will get to spend the whole day at CSA on our last day. WOOHOO!

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    Have to ask Northern gal. Are you flying out of Canada?

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    Hi Brennie, Yes we are flying out of Canada. We actually fly Thunder Bay to Toronto and then on the Montego Bay. Booked with Westjet this time as I really liked the flight times. We usually drive to Minneapolis and fly from there but Westjet's prices are much better right now and we are saving a nine hour drive and some extra costs!

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    Quote Originally Posted by brennie View Post
    Feb. 29 -Mar.10 . trip #7. Hope the weather is as great as beginning of Feb. this year.Usually go end of Feb/first of Mar. this year went earlier in Feb. Hope to see our dear friend Stanley next year as missed him this year.
    i brennie, saw our good friend stanley when we stayed this past march 13 - 20. he was still the same , chasing all the girls and still has a good joke or two, he was quite busy with lee and all the land deals, but normally saw him on the beach with lee and the girls from austria, and of course always at dinner we would bump into him,,,,,,,,,,,,,waynef

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    Northern gal Thanks for the info. We have flown with westjet a few times but usually as a package. This past year we had an 8.15 flight to TO and that was great to have a little extra beach time. waynef thanks for the info on Stanley. I just love to hear his stories. He has joined us for dinner a few times and I have learnt about jamaica's history from him.Also interesting as he spends some time in the summer in Toronto which is where we are. Hope he is in good health and we get a chance to see him next year.

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    Hi Wayne--

    We were on the same flight, to and from MoBay, with Tom and Jill, the end of February this year. I forget what their schedule is for this year. I think that they may spend more time in Florida and cut one of their CSA trips out.

    The Peoria 6 are booked. March 1 -10.

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    Default Yippie...booked for 2012!

    This will be our 3rd trip to CSA... Robin and Joe from Wind Lake, WI.
    Will be "back home" March 3rd to March 11th...

    Yazmon... I'm sure we will see you and your peeps on the beach and at the Martini Bar... cheers...

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    Hi Robin--It will be good to see you and Joe again!!

    We splurged this year and booked a Beachfront Suite. Hopefully a first floor unit. We won't be going to CSA in December this year, so I figured we would spend that money on the better room.

    Our youngest kid (Anthony) starts school at Florida Gulf Coast University, this fall, so we have to save a little money someplace.

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    Good for you on getting the Beach front room. We will be in an Atrium again (love it) and used the extra savings to stay another night...
    We can't wait to go back. It has already proven to be a rough year with no end in sight. We certainly look forward to "coming home" next year...
    only 39 more Fridays and counting...

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    Has anyone heard from our spread sheet queen... Blonde Hawaiian?

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    ya mon, now we are set, was able to book funjet charter out of milwaukee on air tran, non stop, and was even able to upgrade to first class, now we are talking.. see ya there mon, waynef

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    The direct flight from Chicago to MoBay just popped up on American. I think that we are going to book it. I'm going to see if I can get 1st class tickets with my miles. For some reason this flight is currently blocked out.

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    Waynef and fellow Wisconsinite...
    Good choice on the funjet charter out of Milwaukee, especially with first sure is sweet ...
    Next year will be our 3rd time to CSA and going with the Funjet Charter... you can't beat it...
    Sorry to say that we will be leaving the day you arrive...I'm sure you will have a great time anyway...

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    ya mon, robin h we have gone on fun jet every time we have gone to swept away, this trip in march will make 35 times, one love

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    Wow, I want to be like you when I grow up...
    That is so awesome...
    So do you hold the record fo repeaters back to CSA?
    One love

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    ya mon, we do enjoy going to swept away, but we know some other repeaters that have gone far more than us, we so enjoy the resort but its our family of friends there that is so addictive, we talk to them on a weekly basis, we try and help them when ever we can and spend a lot of time with them when we are in jamaica, that is is gratifying to us, truly in the sence of the phrase, one love

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    It appears there may be a lot of Wisconsinites on these forums! Lots of snow birds! My husband and I are also from Wisconsin, and are going to CSA March 24 - 31st! First time at CSA, second time at a Couples Resort (CTI last year for our honeymoon!)

    Our friends from the UP of Michigan will also be joining us, however, they will be there 10 days instead of 7. JEALOUS! We did not have enough vacation time from work to go the full 10 days unfortunately.

    Looking forward to meeting some fun new people See you all at CSA!

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    Ok, it's been pretty quite fellow March Maniacs... has everyone been too busy having fun this
    summer to chime in?
    Only 7 more months.... I can't wait and think about trip # 3 all the time.
    One Love...

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    Hi Robin--It's been a busy summer for us. We got rid of our two Billets--hockey players--toward the end of April. Then in July my mother-in-law was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. She still lives on the farm and really needs 24 hour care. Now our 3rd and final kid is off to college. We are flying down to Florida August 16th to help him get settled in our house down there. His birthday (21) is on the 17th, so we will take him out for dinner and drinks. We are coming home on the 20th.

    No late November/early December trip this year. The entire family is going down to Ft. Myers, FL for Thanksgiving and we hope to catch a couple of Anthony's hockey games.

    The count down clock does say 209 days 20 hours 26 minutes, but I prefer your way--30 more Fridays until we go!!! EFF

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    Yazmon-- Enjoy those hockey games. We're from Canada and have done the billetting and following our boys in hockey. Hope everything goes well with your mother-in-law.. I think we will be down at CSA the same time as you next year. Good luck with your son's move to college. How exciting.

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    Hi brennie--I played hockey with a guy from Barrie. He was a big Colts fan and a Leafs fan. I was one of the first to have the NHL package, so I always had alot of guys at my house to watch Hockey Night in Canada.

    My son is so excited. He can't wait to get to school. He's lived at home the entire time that he played Junior. We have a Junior A, Tier 2, team in Peoria, the Peoria Mustangs. He actually has 4 years that he can still play college hockey.

    Look us up. We call ourselves the "Original 6". We end up at the Martini Bar about 6-6:30 most every night. Robin met up with us last year and will be there the same time. I'll see if I can dig up a picture of the 6 of us together.

    My wife has been busy lining up care for her mom. I think she has it figured out, at least until her brother starts harvesting his crops. He currently lives with her and looks after her in the evenings.

    We are looking forward to meeting you in March. I always enjoy talking hockey with someone.

    202 days 21 hours until CSA.
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