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    Default Sharks

    Has anyone seen sharks while snorkeling at CSS? Or did you see colorful fish?

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    no sharks, colorful fish yes
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    You might see small sharks but larger ones typically aren't common in the area.

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    I have to say no on the sharks when we went snorkeling but there was plenty of fish.
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    Default sharks

    I have been to Jamaica 5 times and snorkle almost evert time we are there and I have yet to see 1 shark.

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    Fish. There is a nurse shark and it took us many scuba dives to finally see it lasst year at CTI. CSS and CTI dive the same reefs.

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    We only saw fish. If you do see a shark it is a nurse shark and they are harmless and not very big.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    No sharks, nice colorful fish yes
    Irie Mon

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    Default Reef Shark

    My husband saw a small reef shark while snorkeling over at the Rock House - the place the cat cruise goes! very cool....

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    Small shark at CN in Feb 2011 (maybe 3 feet) Saw a HUGE eagle ray also (at least 6 feet wide)

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    All the people that saw large sharks aren't posting anymore.

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    The bigger risk is occasional jellyfish.

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    a few beach sharks at CN, but a polite no thanks and off they go...

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    This is a picture of a nurse shark near Couples Negril

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    I think my post in here didn't go through because it was right before the old site went down. Anyway, there are sharks out there, they just aren't the same kind people tend to imagine. When people say "shark" they tend to think about Great Whites and vicious man-eating JAWS type situations. I guess those could travel but I don't think they tend to do that. The sharks you would see are Nurse Sharks which are smaller and won't eat you. Just like you don't always see a turtle or a big ray, you don't always see a shark. Everyone that I have talked to that saw one saw it in a cave so you would probably only see them while diving rather than snorkeling but you never know. There are always a few people who see them each time we are there. Last time we were at CSA we went diving every day except for one because there was a storm rolling in and it made me nervous, plus I was a little congested. Of course they saw one that day! It was my birthday too. Just my luck! lol
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    I guess when I think of sharks I think of Great White or similar. When we went to CSA this Feb. it was right after the unfortunate attack in Mexico of a lady not far from where we live. S
    omeone mentioned it to our driver on the ride to CSA and he said Jamaica has seen very few shark attacks the last one being in the 60's on the south side of the island. I'm not a diver so have never seen a shark of any kind but love the ocean and yes it's the jellyfish I'm more worried about.

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    Just got back from CSS this week. I did scuba and snorkeling. No sharks at all. Lots of small colorful fish up to a foot long at most. Feeding the fish on the reef during scuba was a spectacular sight.

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    We've seen a shark snorkeling off CSS, but it was pretty far below, and wasn't interested in any of us. I was told it was a Nurse shark, but really couldn't tell from the distance.

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