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    Default Musicians at CTI

    There were two performers that totally impressed us at CTI last week, and I wanted to confirm their names.

    One was a singer whose name might have been A.J. Brown. He performed a few songs out of Josh Groban's repertoire, including an Italian opera piece which drew thunderous applause because it was so unexpected.

    The other was a saxophone player who led the house band in an amazing jazz jam version of Stevie Wonders' "Sir Duke".

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    A.J. Brown is definitely who you're thinking of. We have a few CDs, he was the performer on our wedding night (trip long ago), and he even came up to the room one year to sing "Father Friend" for my wife who was to...umm...exuberant with the wine at dinner and laid out at the time of the show.

    Awesome, awesome man.

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    We too were there last week. A.J. Brown was one of the singers.

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    Don't know about the sax player but the Italian opera was A.J. Brown for sure we've seen him do that at CSS he's awesome!
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