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    Default air jamaica out of philly worth the $$

    We have the option of taking an Air Jamaica flight out of Philly at 6am; or we could take cheaper flights, but fly to Miami, then to Jamaica. Air Jamaica is more expensive, but i feel like it would be less hassle, as well as quicker. Thoughts, anyone?

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    We have the option of taking an Air Jamaica flight out of Philly at 6am; or we could take cheaper flights, but fly to Miami, then to Jamaica. Air Jamaica is more expensive, but i feel like it would be less hassle, as well as quicker. Thoughts, anyone?
    We fly Air Jam out of Philly all of the time when going to Jamaica. For me it is worth the extra $$$. We took that flight in October and we were through customs and checked into our resort in Mobay in time for breakfast. The return flight also has good times. 5 or 6 I think. IMHO this flight gives us more resort time then most others we have checked out.
    We are leaving on that flight on Friday for our upcoming trip to CSA.

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    I actually am flying out from Philly to MBJ 11/1. The non-stop tickets actually were cheaper than the other airlines when I brought them. One thing to consider is baggage fees. No baggage fees on AirJamaica.

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    We have ALWAYS taken the early flight via AJ in Philly.. We stay overnight at one of the airport hotels, they give us a wake up call..and off we go...this flight is one of the first to arrive in the am and customs is quick and then the ride gets you to your hotel by mid day....the flight out leaves at 6pm, so you get 1/2 a day at the resort until you have to leave..arrival into Philly is around 10pm.....SOOOOO worth it...and most of the hotels allow you to keep your car there..We'll be staying at the Marriott and can keep our car there at no extra cost for the 10 days...

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    Default Flying out of Philly

    We thought it was worth the extra $400 to fly Air Jamaica out of Philly at 6am to arrive at CSS around noon, then to fly out on another airline at 10am, lay-over in Charlotte (or near there) for 2-3 hours then fly to Jamaica, finally arrive at CSS close to 4pm. Plus the same lay-over coming home with a much earlier flight home (7am).

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    We fly Air Jamaica whenever we can out of Philly. The flight times can not be beat. It seems like AJ is more expensive than the direct flights from US Air but there is no charge for baggage on AJ. US Air does charge for bags so when you add that charge onto the US Air price it might even out. We always take a non stop instead of changing planes. It is well worth the aggravation of landing in Miami then getting on another flight!!

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    Which one gets you to Jamaica sooner and what is your budget? Only you can answer that question ultimately. Many of us have never had the option of a direct flight so to be honest a lay over doesn't seem like a big deal. Money and getting there quicker are the issues to me. How much money and what is the time difference and ultimately only YOU can decide what the price difference is worth in time to you. If you are asking specifically about Air Jamaica...some will tell you they had a great experience others will say it was awful, what airline doesn't have those stories? My cousin flew Air Jamaica a few years ago and the trip down was fabulous, the trip back they had a little luggage snafu but it was the trip back so no big deal. I think they'd do it again if they had the option.

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    This will be our 3rd trip to CTI and we have flown air jamaica out of philly all three times. It is hassle free.

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    Default Phlyin' out of Philly

    A definite yes! You arrive at your resort in time for lunch on your fist day and leave after lunch on your departure. It's almost like getting an extra day! No worry about your baggage getting misplaced in the transfer.

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    By all means take the Air jamaica flight, its the best & quickest way to fly. You'll be on the beach before noon. We're heading back to CSA next month for our 18th visit & have all but once flown AJ. Why would you want to waste time in Miami for a connecting flight? Non stop is the way to go.

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    How much cheaper, we talking $50 or we talking $400. If it is closer to the $400 I would go with the cheaper fight and stay an extra day. Closer to the $50 I would get to Jamaica as fast as I can.

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    Air Jamaica out of either Philadelphia or NY JFK is wonderful. We have used Air Jamaica on 7 of our 8 previous trips, and we are booked to use Air Jamaica on our 2011 up comming trips.

    Their 6am departure from either location gets you to the resort before noon the day you arrive, and the late departure from Jamaica gives you the most time in paradise the last day of your trip.

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    We are flying AJ out of Kennedy in 12 days. Can't beat the flight times we leave NYC at 5:30am and arrive in Jamaica at 8:15 am - gotta love it! Our return home leaves at 6:10pm - so we have a good portion of our day still in Jamaica. Well worth the extra $$.

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    Default air jamaica out of philly worth the $$

    Yes! Yes! and YES!. We have been to Jamaica 24 times since 1999 and have only used Flight #44 out the way out and Flight #45 on the way back. Using it again this June. Usually arrive Mo Bay by 8:30 AM and then fly TIM AIR and are in Couples Negril by 10:00 AM. No vacation time lost. What price can you put on this? Also, there are no baggage charges or additional fees on AJ plus being the 1st flight out of Philly there is NEVER a delay. Hope this helps!

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    We agree with all comments made to date. We went Air Jamaica to CN the same week in February 2010 and 2011. In 2010 we had lucked into $99 one way flights!! Awesome! Also, in 2010 they weren't flying 7 days so we could only do 6 and the flight down didn't leave till 7:25, so the 6:00am flight and the day of your choice is even better. We held out as long as possible for a deal for 2011 trip but no luck. The special did come out a few weeks before we left but nowhere near as good as last year. But with 2 checked bags with no transfers to worry about and no bag fees you still can't beat it.

    Only possible warning is that the seats can tend to be a little cramped for anyone who may be tall (maybe than 6'2" plus..?). May want to book seats accordingly. (Just to put that out there.)

    We flew down and back on Thursdays in February this year which may also be a factor in the quick customs on the way down. We left Philly at 6:00am and were in our room at CN by noon. Even met a couple who go the same week to CSA every year and rode the shuttle with the just the 4 of us for a comfortable and quick ride. Never stop the shuttle after the first trip if you ask us!!

    And, with the late shuttle, the same thing as was said by others, we enjoyed another day at the pool and lunch on our last day also. Basically gain 2 days on your trip! Left resort after 2:00pm, no line at the airport and safe trip home and back in Philly by 10:00pm.

    Still can't stop thinking about the whole wonderful trip.

    CN Jamaica come soon 2012.

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    Default thanks

    Thanks for the feedback,everyone!! I am definitely convinced...Air Jamaica, it is. Gosh, oh golly, I can not wait!!

    (The jean short girl!!)

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    I live in NJ and for me it was cheaper to fly out of PHL airport.On saturday we stayed overnight at a local hotel then flew out first thing Sunday morning at 6am and the flight was great. I have nvr been on a flight before but Air Jamaica was a wonderful flight. It was soooo smooth and without problems, we arrived on time and breezed thru customs and immigration without any issues. When I come back to Jamaica it will defintely be thru PHL airport and Air Jamaica

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