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    Default Beach/Water comparison CTI vs CSS

    Having been to CSA multiple times, we are ready to try another Couples venue. We've narrowed it down to CTI (because of the redo) and CSS (because of the food). We already know the service, food, drinks will be wonderful at either. Can someone who has been to both compare the beaches and pm entertainment? We like to swim in the ocean (as compared to pool swimming), we are 2 couples in our early fifties (me and my brother and our spouses) we like to meet other interesting folks, we have no interest in the "au naturale" at either (just not our thing) and do enjoy evening entertainment. Sorry this is so wordy, just want to make an informed choice. thanks so much! Ellen

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    The water at CTI has less sea grass than CSS, but if you go out just a little ways it clears up.

    We preferred the entertainment at CSS and we are mid-forties. The Friday Night Gala is absolutely fabulous and AJ Brown is a top performer. We really enjoyed him.
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    The grounds at CSS are amazing, picture perfect! I didn't find the water to have sea grass at all on the beach, maybe a little at the cove but not really. I was just there mid march. Then again I am from new england where the ocean isn't pretty so...

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    I wouldn't say the food is better at CSS but that's a matter of opinion. I like the entertainment areas better at CTI as they have dedicated areas for the band that has a dance floor and a separate piano bar. At CSS everything is at the ballon bar which is small and the band plays on the terrace. If it rains everyone squeezes into the ballon bar which is where the piano is. either way you should have a great time at Couples.

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    We did a split of CTI and CSS this past Dec/Jan.

    I think the sand was marginally better at CTI, in that CSS's sand was a bit harder packed (except when it was just raked up).
    When we were at CTI it was windy and the water rough, so we didn't go in much, unfortunately. We did like that it sloped off fairly quickly (compared to CSA), so you don't have to go out so far to get your floaty off the ground. We didn't notice rocks, but they are there in places, as a woman sliced her foot. Just be cautious.

    At CSS the water was much calmer. Now, that could be a change in weather, but it is also more protected from the wind being in a bay. It is very shallow for a long way out. Yes, there is some sea grass (which can make for some interesting snorkeling. I just used a mask to find little fish hiding out), as well as possibly some urchins (a man stepped on one and was in great pain). So again, just be cautious. It wasn't super hot or we would have spent more time floating from the beach around to the spa area.

    As far as beach quality, CSA absolutely wins out for us, but, both CTI and CSS are nice in their own ways. I think I'd rate CSS second for calmness and having the bay and areas to explore around by the spa (in a kayak is fun too). I did love the peace and quiet of a totally private beach free from vendors and passing families of both CTI and CSS.

    As for entertainment, we were at CTI for New Year's, which was amazing but can't rally be counted. Otherwise it was very good, but I didn't care as much for the inside venue. We didn't have a beach party.
    At CSS we went to the beach party and even though the same steel drum band played the atmosphere was more fun. The gala was fabulous. Also, we loved the Balloon bar at night with the opening to the patio, where they had the casino night one night. For me CSS wins for evening entertainment.

    I don't think you can go wrong with either, but do keep an open mind that it won't be the same beach wise as CSA.

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    Depending on what time of year you are going, the beach at CTI may end up shaded by 3pm. Otherwise, I like that there is more of a dropoff at CTI allowing for more swimming. Its also less rocky. CSS seems more mucky and shallow.

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    Can you please explain- what time of year will here be shade at 3? Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by madtown mom View Post
    Can you please explain- what time of year will here be shade at 3? Thanks!
    Taking a guess here during the winter. As we have sun throughout the day in the summer.

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