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    Default Which Couples resort to go to?

    My husband and I are planning to go to Jamaica in November. And we were wondering which Couples is the best to target. I know it’s a loaded question, so let me enumerate the things that are important to us:
    1) Good beach:
    1.a) preferably private to the resort.
    1.b) And one that is long and wide enough to not feel too crowded.
    1.c) With fine white sand, clear water and large swim area
    1.d) In some of the resort maps i've noticed that the beach is littered with Jetties. It will be good if the resort had a decent uninterrupted stretch of beach

    2) large number of restaurants--so we can get a variety of cuisines (preferably one with an asian focus included)

    3) pool(s) and jet-pool(s)(again enough in the resort for these to not feel too crowded)

    4) good spread of land, beach and water activities...again dont want to be waiting in line for these

    5) No bugs please: I've also noticed some of the posts on this forum talk about bugs in some of the resorts, especially the ones with a lot of gardens. Normally we love the greenery, but if it comes with a lot of bugs, I'd rather not have it (unless its not as bad as some of the posts allude to)

    6) well appointed rooms. I've noticed that in some resorts you need to book a higher end room to even get a TV in the room. Will be good if all rooms came with A/C and TV. I could then pick the quality of view based purely on budget

    I've tried to research this online but can't really assess/make up my mind based on the information I see. As you can see its important for us that the resort be well equipped and yet not feel too crowded
    I know this forum has a number of folks who've been to various resorts in Jamaica, and I was hoping you could help us pick the right resort for us.

    Thanks in advance!

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    based on all your criteria, Couples Negril fits it closest.....My only recommendation is you don't arrive being possibly overly picky.....if you arrive with an relaxed attitude, you will have a great time....

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    I agree with Ironrange, I think that CN would be a good choice for you.

    However I would like to point out that -

    1. You are in the Caribbean, if you can find a way to avoid bugs please let everyone know how. You will find bugs, usually sand fleas or mosquitos but there is nothing that anyone can do about them.
    2. Beaches being private, while the beach at CN is wonderful you would never feel crowded, the waters edge is public which means that you will see people walking on the beach. The same with CSA (who also has a big beach area). But none of the Couples beaches allow guests other then Couples guests to hang out on the beach.

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    Based on a Private Beach without vendors and a lot less bugs - CTI and CSS (North side of the island)

    No Jetties - CTI and CSS

    Well appointed rooms - CTI is all new with flat screen TV's
    large number of restaurants - I think they are all about the same.

    Lots of space - CSS is large, but has a lot of steps.

    Pools - both CTI and CSS have more pool space than people. The same holds true for the beach, no need to play the seat saving game.

    The most things to do that are included. CTI
    Irie Mon

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    Thanks so much for taking the time to respond!
    Jon1963- how do the beaches at CSS and CTI compare to those at CSA and CN? Would you know?

    IronRanger and Blondie- in what ways is CN better than CSA?

    Thanks again!

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    To clarify about my question to Jon1963- I meant in terms of quality of water and sand, and size of the beach. Thanks!

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