Couples Resorts Photos - a non-official Couples Resorts photo sharing group

For those that may be unaware of this photo collection, I wanted to share this site. Hopefully it will help ease our withdrawals of not being at Couples and provide first timers with a good look at the resorts before they go.

I created this group to show the world our love of the Couples Resorts and to allow others to explore the unique beauty of the different properties. Currently it is has 117 members sharing over 2,100 photos. You can simply browse through all these photos or search for a specific topic.

There are photos from all of four of the resorts taken from the prospective of the guests (us) and not professionally staged photos. This is not to say that some of the photos you guys have added aren't of professional quality. This is a just a non-official photo group showcasing some very wonderful photos taken while on trips to the four Couples Resorts. I wanted to share this Flickr group with all the couples here, a lot of you may already be aware of this.

If you would like to add your photos to the group Flickr has free accounts that will allow you to upload your photos and add them to this group. Also, I am in no way trying to solicit any photos from you guys. I just wanted to share this ever growing popular collection of photos. We know we love the Couples Resorts and all they do for us. We just wanted to give back in some way and show the rest of the world how wonderful Couples truly is.

This photo group is in no way sponsored or run by Couples Resorts or any of their employees. It was started and is maintained by a longtime Couples guest and lifetime fan of the resorts, ME.

Please only Couples Resorts related photos. Photos showing some of the sites and excursions you may have visited while on your Couples trip will be allowed, such as photos of Dunn's River, Rick's Cafe, the shopping trips, your dive trips, etc. As I moderate this group, no photos spamming or taken at other resorts will be allowed.