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    Default Spirit Airlines-Grrrrrr!!!!!

    Has anyone else had experience booking with Spirit Airlines? We found out last night (2 weeks before our honeymoon) that Spirit had cancelled our return flight home and bumped us to the following day.

    An extra day in Jamaica sounds great, right? Except for the fact that the resort availability for an extra night was showing nothing available AND we had to rearrange previous travel arrangements and work schedules.

    Bottom line- thus far we've had HORRIBLE experience with Spirit, and they don't seem to care one bit. If anyone else has dealt with this airline and can ease our worries about actually getting TO our honeymoon, any advice would be much appreciated!

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    Did you purchase the Ins. when getting your tickets? If so, call them and see if something can be worked out. Maybe choose a different carrier on the flight back one-way (if refunded). You could also call the resort and make sure they have nothing available. So sorry to hear about this, I'll take your advice and won't consider spirit for future travel. I'm sure you guys will have a great Honeymoon despite this bump in the road.

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    we refuse to fly them anymore. Between the lousy customer service and the horrendous fees, it's just not worth it. That being said..... We used to fly them, and once the schedule was "fixed" -- usually about a month out, they did get us there and back on time. So, you'll get TO Jamaica no problem. And call the resort and see if they MIGHT happen to have an extra room available. Worst case scenario, stay in MBJ the night before and then you get an extra day in Jamaica. Good luck.
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    We also avoid Spirit at all costs....literally...although they may seem cheaper...they ARE in more ways than flight fees. They charge to check your bags, they charge for carry on, their planes are old, cramped and rickety, their flight staff is usually rude and they have a habit of changing your flights at the last minute and do not even notify you (I have missed flights due to this)....

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    I like the suggestion from the resort directly and ask about a room, calmly and patiently explain your situation and see what they can do to accommodate. Realize that they may indeed really be full so you may have to have a plan B.

    Another thought, book a room at a resort or hotel in Montego Bay for that last night. Indeed it won't be Couples but it's a night you weren't planning on anyway and you'll save yourself that long drive on that last day. Since you won't be meeting an airline departure you may be able to arrange with the Couples resort to check-out later in the day, make the more leisurely trip to Mo Bay and just have a low key evening and a less hurried morning prior to your departure. You could stay in Ocho Rios but since it's only one night I'd get back to Montego Bay and not have to get up so early for the return trip home. All you need is someplace clean you don't need all the ammenities of Couples since it's one night and two meals.

    Having said the above...did you purchase travel insurance? Soooo important. Good lesson here for everyone! If you did then you shouldn't incur any expenses for this mess, the insurance company will pay for your extra night in Jamaica whether it's at Couples or another resort. If you didn't then chalk it up to experience and know that next time you will...for our last trip it cost us $95.

    Did you use a travel agent in booking this trip? Another fabulous idea when booking these trips as you have someone to help you make the alternate arrangements. Indeed it's frustrating but having someone who knows the system is always helpful. Your travel agent can help you pick a place to stay in Montego Bay if you go that route.

    I know it's your honeymoon and you think it should be perfect but life is never perfect, there are always bumps in the road. How you ride them out is what's important. Take a deep breath and have faith that this WILL work out if you stay calm. Indeed, Spirit does not care about are one of how many million customers annually for a billion dollar business. No airline truly cares about any individual passenger, don't expect to fly another airline and be recognized or cared about when a mishap occurs. Go with the flow and think about what a great story this will be down the road. In the end it might just work out to be fun.

    I just re-read Vee's post and she suggested a night in Mo bay must be meant to be.

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    I am with Vee, we have stopped flying with them all together. The fees are out of control. Charging me for a carry-on bag and to pick my seats in advance. There customer service is absolutely the worse. They should be in last place for customer service because, it doesn't exist. Good luck with them and keep us posted on what happens with them. I am very interested!!!
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