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    Default Free Wi-Fi?

    Is there FREE wi-fi available in the rooms? Should I buy a data plan for my iphone 3gs? I can bring my ipod first generation and use it for wi-fi? I don't have to have phone or text but I would like to have email. Any ideas?
    See ya soon!!

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    I don't know about the other resorts, or the other rooms, but they do have wi-fi at CSS. I used my laptop in my Beach Front room while we were there in December. They also have computers in the game room up by the lobby that the guests can use. No need to purchase anything.

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    I don't know what resort you are going to but sometimes wifi is not available in all the rooms. It is available somewhere at each resort so you might just have to take your iphone/ipod to the lobby or something to download emails. When we were at CSA in April last year there was wifi almost everywhere including our room. In October the storms had wiped it out and they were trying to fix it so it was not working in our room and many other places. We were able to use it in the lobby and a few other places though.

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    Yes Couples has free WiFi at all of the resorts. You may not have it in your room, but for sure in lobby.

    Couples also has a computer room with a print at each resort for you can check your email that way also.
    Irie Mon

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