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    Default Review Couple Negril 4/9-4/15

    This was our first trip to Jamaica and Couples. We pray it isn't our last. I found the message boards to be very helpful and wanted to return the favor for others.

    We spend so much time trying to decide which Couples to visit and we were very happy with our Negril choice. We are beach people and the beach was the most beautiful beach we have ever seen. From the water, to the pristine sand it is breath-taking. No need to save a beach chair there are plenty.

    Pool was amazing as well. There were times we were the only couple in the water. No crowds and could always find a chair when we needed it.

    We struggled with our length of stay. 5 nights and 6 days (Thurs-Sat) We included our travel days as vacation days which was a mistake. We could have flown in earlier and didn't, won't make that mistake again. Get there as early as possible. We will travel during the week for future trips as we had delays, nothing related to the resort.

    Food and service were great. I am not a buffet fan but I am now. The breakfast buffet is amazing. We had room service "breakfast appetizer" every morning with fresh fruit, coffee and danish. Coconut croissants are amazing! Went to the gym, then went for real breakfast at the buffet. We skipped lunch so I can not comment on lunch buffet. But the warm nachos from Helonica are delish!

    Dinners were good, we went to all restaurants and service and food were great. If you tend to get bug bites, wear bug spray on your ankles at the Helonica grill in the eve. I forgot and wish I had done it. We were amazed at the lack of gnats or bugs of any kind. This was the only time we needed repellent. The constant breeze must keep them away. When the sun goes down the crickets chirp. I was amazed at how loud they are. I thought the sound was a CD because it started so aburptly but no they are real.

    Drinks, top notch. My favorite was the chocolate martini made with Grey Goose! Denver at the Heloncia Grill bar makes and incredible one! Yum. On the beach I had Vodka slushies tastes like lemonade with a kick. Not a heavy drink and refreshing.

    We never left the resort so I can not comment on excursions. We did do the catamaran which was fun and took out a hobbie cat one afternoon. Had couples massage in the spa early in week before sun burn. Would rather have had it later in the week but it was nice just the same.

    Loved our first floor room. Didn't think I would but it was so handy. We were in building 2 next to tennis courts. Great local, near everything, just a little street noise no big deal.

    My only advice, take half as many clothes you won't need them. If you forget a swimsuit, head to the au naturel beach I took all the items on the "I Wouldn't Leave Home Without" thread and didn't need most of it. Do bring hair CONDITIONER, and lots of sunscreen, bathing suits and coverups and you are golden.

    Hope this helps fellow first-timers. If I can answer any questions for you I will. I am ready to go back now.

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    great report, thanks. We're getting very excited aoubt our upcoming trip

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    Thanks for the info. We are really excited to visit CN in Feb. 2012. This message board is great. I am notorious for overpacking so I'm really going to study everyones feedback. If incentive is needed for the gym and organization in packing, a trip to the tropics is it!

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    Your last line says it all, "I am ready to go back now."

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    Thanks for the review. Our countdown is at 15 days, 12 hours, 17 min till we leave for CN. I am so ready to pack. I think I am finally convinced to pack more swim suits and cover-ups, and less shorts and tank tops. Thank you for the advise.

    Cheryle & Barry
    May 4-13

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    Great review...thanks for sharing. And I couldn't agree more with your packing suggestion. Most of us learn that after our first trip.

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    This was helpful. thank you. Our first trip to Jamaica (Tower Isle) will be this June. Glad I dont have to live by the book on the "Wouldnt leave home..." thread. I tend to pack light anyways. My philosophy is..."If you REALLY need it, you can buy it somewhere, otherwise, live without" :-) so happy you had a great first trip.

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    Nice comments. Absolute slushies at CN are my favorite light mellow drinks too. Wish we had that much room on the beach in February but the resort was packed (and it was the week before Valentine's. But agree about lots of room in the pool anytime.

    Really had to answer you because I believe that was the tree frogs you were hearing not crickets. Next trip home (and you sound like you will go back) make sure you do the frog hunt on your own or with the group in the evening. Just need your camera flash and they are pretty easy to find. Check the schedule for the hunts. They are pretty cool.

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    Great review! Once you go... You know. I do have one question. You mentioned the crickets after the sun goes down. Listen to the you tube link I have posted and if the sound is what you heard, they were tree frogs. A sound I never get tired of hearing. We will be listening to them in ten more days. Have a good one!

    "Just Me"... Joe D.

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    Have to say it, WE ALL KNEW THAT YOU'D HAVE A GREAT TIME AT CN. With that being said, Yes, the audible sound in the evenings are the tree frogs. About the size of your thumbnail...they're easier to find after a rain in little droplets of's a pic from our frog hunt. They're cute! lol

    CN 2010
    CSA 2011
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