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    Default At CN now - Celiac sufferers paradise!!

    4th time back. Checked in on Saturday 4/16. I was recently diagnosed with celiac and thought my dining this time around was going to stink. NOT!! Within 10 minutes of check-in the sous chef met with me to discuss my needs. VERY impressive. All you need to do when dining is let your server know. They will tell the chef on duty, and that person will come out of the kitchen to tell you what is safe. Ate at the terrace buffet on Saturday. The chef took me on a buffet tour to show me what was OK for me to eat. Dined at Lychee last night. The chef actually placed my order for me. This just reaffirms why we keep coming back here. Brought my parents along this trip. He is 80 and she is 78. They are already making plans for their second trip.

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    We head to CSA at the end of May. I fortunately do not have celiac, but lots of tummy problems and have been gluten free for a few months. I was a bit concerned about how this diet would translate on vacation, and it's good to hear that Couples staff understands the issue. Thanks for the advice.

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    My husband is a celiac and CN is VERY accommodating. We've been to CSA and CTI and he's never had a problem there, either.

    Back to CN in 11 days!

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