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    We have stayed at CSA quite a few times and love the restaurants- particularly that you can go to Patios and be waited on for breakfast and lunch. Do any of the other resorts have this option? I checked the sites and it does not appear that they have the selection of restaurants that CSA does. Can anyone confirm? We want to book for next year and will stay at Couples- but unsure of which resort. Thanks ...trying to convince hubby that we should go to Couples 2x per year

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    I have stayed at several all inclusives around the world. Some very luxurious, some not. The most common complaint is the food.

    CSA is my favorite place and one of the biggest reasons is the food. Jamaica tends to have better food anyway but CSA has great options, service, and bars. Hands above the rest in my opinion. If you wanna go to a great beach and have great food, you won't find anything better.

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    Only CSA has a another choice for a restaurant for brakfast and luch. Please understand that CSA is the largest of the four Couples resorts with over 300 rooms, so it needs another choice for breakfast and lunch

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