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    Ok I am set on Jamaica. These resorts all look gorgeous! I'm looking for a little advice from people who have been here cuz I never have. My gf and I are taking our first big vacation together and I want it to be one she will never forget!! We are going the 1st week of July. I want a beautiful beach, hotel, gorgeous room with great view, great bars, seafood and many other great eats!! I'm sure these all have tge majority of those but I was looking for some advice. I will be proposing on this trip and want the best of the best within reasonable price range. Thank you all for your help and I'm looking forward to my trip!!

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    If you're looking for a beautiful beach then CSA or CN would be our choice as there's soft white sand and gorgeous sunsets. If you want a great view then CSS, being built on cliffs, wins in that catagory hands down. CSS also has Sunset Beach with some amazing sunsets too. As for bars, seafood and great eats...none of the Couples resorts prepares a bad spread and their drinks are top-notch. There's more restaurant selections at CN, CSA and CTI than CSS but then CSS offers in-room dining. We can't tell you which resort to choose because we don't know what's important to you and your gf. We can tell you that whichever resort you choose will be perfect so long as you do your homework and select the one that fits you both best. Good luck on the proposal!! Doing it at a Couples resort should really up the chances of getting a "yes" response.

    Bart & bug

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    We should probably start with beautiful beach...Negril is known for it's beach so you might want to consider CSA or CN. However, in my opinion any beach in Jamaica is better than the beach at home so everything is relative. If you haven't been to Negril you don't have a reference point and the beaches in Ocho Rios are fabulous as well. You need to read the reviews for the resorts and see what each really has to offer as they are distinctly different.

    When you say gorgeous room you need to realize that none of the Couples resorts are based on the WOW factor. You aren't going to find marble and brass everywhere, glitz and posh are not the impressive factors at these places. The staff, the service, the romance, the food, these are the things that make Couples resorts THE place to go for a vacation. I wouldn't steer anyone away from a Couples resort but I would advise them to realize this upfront or you WILL be disappointed. What you see in the pictures on the web pages is the real deal. When you walk into the lobby, when you walk into the restaurant, when you walk into your room you will have walked into the very place they took those pictures. Look them over, they will not only tell you where you are going and what you are puchasing but they will help you decide which resort is for you.

    For a great view you need to visit the accomodations page on each resorts web page. The descriptions are accurate and will guide you in picking the room you want at each resort. At CSA the BFVS are literall ON the beach, the first floor rooms literally step off into the sand...mind you that you cannot request a specific room only a room category I'm just saying that's how close they are. At CN none of the rooms directly face the water, you will see if you look at the map the buildings sit at an angle so none have a direct view of the sea. Visit the web pages, read the descriptions and look at the maps. If you have questions about a specific room category at a specific resort ask.

    All the resorts have the same great food and bars so that's not a factor in your decision.

    You will find people here who love each resort for a special reason. Check out the web pages, read reviews. Eventually one or two will stand out more to you than the others. You will develop more specific questions that we can answer. Choosing is half the fun. You may want to get busy, July isn't that far away! Also, buy trip insurance as July is part of hurricane season. You should always buy trip insurance but particularly during hurricane season.

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    Go for CSA. Stay in a Beachfront Suite or a Beachfront Verandah Suite. You will be right there on the beach. CSA has the most food and bar options and all of them are good. This resort does not have chandeliers and marble, but feels like a small Caribbean village. It is truly spectacular and the beach is the most beautiful one I have seen. You can walk for miles either way and get a sense of the local flavor. Lots of beach vendors and bars and even Margaritaville down the way.

    I also think CSA is totally romantic and would be the perfect place to propose. Get the staff involved and they will make it truly special. Good luck deciding, but if the beautiful beach is tops on your list, then go for CSA.

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    Which resort is going to depend on what's important to you and how you want to spend your day. We've been to Tower Isle and Negril twice. We just booked for July 1-5 at Swept Away.

    The beaches in Negril are the best I've ever found, soft, beautiful white sand that stretches for miles (literally it's called 7 mile beach - of course only a few hundred yards of it are COuples property).

    The beach at CTI is small in comparison but it's private, no vendors stroling along trying to sell their wares.

    I found CTI to be more of a party atmosphere and Negril to be more quiet and romantic.

    We're looking forward to Swept Away as we've heard it is the most romantic of all the Couples resorts.

    As was mentioned before Couples isn't known for it's glitz and it's glam. One thing I like about couples is if you're out on the boat snorkelling for diving and look at the coast the Couples buildings (especially at Negril) blend in to the landscape and you can barely see them - unlike the bright pink hotel next door that just looks obnoxious.

    Food and drink will be top notch at whichever resort you go to. My only complaint is that the pours on mixed drinks are often kinda "heavey" and there's more vodka than soda

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    Since you want it all....if you chose a Couples Resorts, you will get it. As discussed in some earlier posts, CSS can't be beat for the gorgeous views and rooms. We also love the property of this resort. CSA has a lovely beach and grounds (and more restaurants). However as previously mentioned, CSS offers in room dining, which is wonderful after a long day at the beach :-) Both resorts in my opinion are equally romantic.

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    Been to CN and CSA, love them both but in our opinion CN is more romantic.

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    We have only been to CTI & CSS. In my opinon there is not a more romantic place I have ever been than Bay Side resturant at CTI. It would be the perfect place to pop the question. That said, I doubt you will be disappointed in any of the resorts. CTI does tend to be the lower cost of the 4 resorts.

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