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    Default Jamaican Weather....Ocho Rios

    I know, I know, 'why don't people read the many available websites detailing the weather in Jamaica rather than wasting everyone's time here?!' For what it's worth, I did but still have a question about the experience of others. Here goes...

    My wife and I had the most amazing time at CSS last November. We are, basically, hooked and wish to book again. All good so far. The trouble is that when we book for other islands in the Caribbean there seem to be definitive 'rainy' and 'usually sunny' times of year. We always go to Barbados in November so when we booked CSS from early to mid November, we assumed that the weather would be good. It wasn't great and most days were cloudy for most of the time. This didn't upset our holiday too much but we really, really missed the sun (we don't get a large amount of really hot sunshine in UK so our holidays need to be sunny!).

    My question is really to ask whether many returners to CSS experience this problem with the lack of sunshine. Weather reports for Jamaica seem to suggest that there are no seasons and the temperature is late 20's for most of the year. For us we would like sunshine, not just humidity and heat. Is there a particular time of year that is more likely to be sunny at CSS or do we just have to take our chances.

    Thanks for any help you guys can offer. We really loved CSS and would love to return soon mon!


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    You are real seasons in Jamaica. However, November is part of hurricane season and last year happened to be particularly rough in Jamaica. We made trip 15 to Jamaica last October but we usually travel in November and we have had only 2 "bad weather" years...this last year was one of them. If November works for you then I'd say do it again and chances are weather will be great, we're not planning to change our travel month.

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