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    Default Single digits!!!!!!!!

    9 days till our first visit to the Negril side of the island. EXCITED!!!!!!!! Time to stat packing.

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    We've been mentally packing for months.. we've got 18 days until we stay at CSA...... can't wait! Enjoy your trip!

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    Wooo Hooo...... we are at 6 days till our flight out of Seattle, WA leaves. Hope we can catch some zzzz's on the plane. See you guys soon!!!!

    Robin and Mark

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    We leave May 1st for CSA. Our first trip and can barely wait! I have had clothes sitting out for a month and will prolly do most of my packing next week! I can't help it, keeps me excited!

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    3 days 14 hours to cti

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    Oh yeah we are almost there(4/22) until we return to CSA. Fake baking a couple more times, complete the packing, notified post office, newspaper, park-n-fly hotel. Can almost feel the humidity strike you in the face as the day draws closer!!

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    3. I have to remind myself to breathe, I'm that excited.

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    Less than 24 hours and I am stressing about our flights again. We are getting SNOW again tonight. Only a couple of inches in Minneapolis but we have no time to spare as we have a 1 hour layover in Charlotte. My ta said we should be fine. We will keep our fingers crossed .

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    Minneapolis knows how to deal with snow...Atlanta would be another story, they can barely deal with a perfect day. We left Omaha one year with icing conditions and 55 minutes to change planes in Memphis and made it just fine. Often if you have gotten off the ground late and folks have tight connections the flight crew will make announcements as you get close to landing about what gates flights are leaving from so you don't have to stop and look. We even had a crew once that asked anyone without a tight connection please remain in their seat and allow those with tight connections to deplane first. Breathe, breathe, breathe.

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    We have 6 Days til we return "home" to CSS
    Carlan I am ready for my Jamaica,Jamaica!!!!
    Excited to return for our 5 time!!
    6th already booked

    Todd & Linda
    April 2008, March 2009, April 2010, Oct 2010, April 2011, April 2012, April 2013, April 2014

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    Only 12 days to CSA for our 2nd honeymoon. Can't wait to spend some time with my lovely wife on the beach.

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