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    Default Sunscreen question

    We are headed to CSS June 17-23 for our weddingmoon! This also will be our first AN experience. Any suggestions for sunscreen for those sensitive parts that rarely see the sun?

    Counting the days - can't wait to get to CSS and SSB!

    T.O. & Mia

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    High number--30-50. Try Aveeno. Be careful with the sprays. First if you are using them outside, they tend to blow everywhere but where you need them. 2nd, they have a lot of alcohol and tend to dry out sensitive areas. I would suggest a cream or lotion. Apply before leaving the room, not because of the location, but you should apply sunscreen approximately 30 minutes before exposure to allow it to activate. You can reapply once in the au naturel state as needed, which is often.

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    Hey Tom,

    Unless one of you has sensitive skin to begin with, you should be fine with the standard 30 proof sunscreen. The important thing is to keep an eye on your skin and reapply as needed. The caribbean sun can burn you faster than you'll realize.

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    Definitely take some. Do NOT use an alcohol-based gel sun screen on "sensitive" parts. It hurts like the dickens! A lotion type is better. There is sunscreen for sensitive skin that has a high SPF. I recommend that. Also, make sure you have some with you when you are at the beach, as you will want to reapply.

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    After trying to stay out of the sun each year but still getting sunburn, I found a product on called "blue lizard Australian sunscreen" that works great! It stays on forever, even in water, so when I forget to re-apply as often as I should, it still protects me better than other higher SPF sunscreens. They make a version for your face too.

    Even better, they sell them in 3 oz. bottles so we can pack them in our carry-on luggage, which is all we bring to Jamaica. We buy 4 tubes of the regular, and 2 tubes of the face version, and that lasts the two of us almost exactly one week.

    Oh, and it's my experience that the sensitive parts aren't as likely to burn as your back, but maybe that's just me. Have a great trip!

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    Use 30 or higher and reapply after going in the water, or heavy sweating. Oddly, I never had any burning after a week there, meanwhile, the same lotion on my shoulders and back fried me.

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    We have had good luck with the Nutragena high SPF lotion, and we can get it in 2-packs at Costco. I have never had a problem with sunburn on the private parts, and my shoulders & back seem to burn more quickly than the privates. Now, if I could get my significant other do apply the sunscreen to more than my back . . .

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    "Now, if I could get my significant other do apply the sunscreen to more than my back "

    We tried that one time but it took a lot longer to make it to the beach....

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    I use a 30 SPF then down to a 15 or 8 on the parts. Never use the spray alcohol-based product on the male parts, it really, really burns the low hanging items.
    Irie Mon

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    We are dark skined and used 30 all over body and 50 on private parts. Tanned beautifully even through the 50. Don't risk it and apply often it will make your holiday a lot more enjoyable.

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    We use SPF50 on our bodies and SPF70 on our delicates. Always come home with a deep dark tan and never any red or tender parts. Our tans seem to last longer as well... at least that's what we tell ourselves. :-) can never use too much sunscreen, but you can definitely use too little.


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    We bought 2 big bottles of SPF 60. Last year we had SPF 30 and spent 90 minutes our first day drenched in the stuff. The next day we hid in the shade the whole day and by the third day my GF had to get a shot from the doctor and her forehead was swollen so much her eyes were nearly closed. That's 90 minutes with SPF 30 on the regular beach.

    This year we never got any burn at all with the SPF 60 and less direct sunning.

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    Im fair skinned male and used nutregena 45 and tanned several times before we left and used the shades and time of day and never burned a bit used the spray and never had any troubles in sensitive areas. Have fun and congratrats.

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    My wife and I are just going to miss you. We leave Jamaica on the 16th. This year will be our 13th trip to Couples Tower Isle and from day one we have used and spf50 called water babies and have never gotten burned. The stuff stays on in the water and smells good too. Just make sure you apply in your room before you go out into the sun. We are from the midwest and after a long hard winter much of us is about as white as snow but water babies has never failed us. Congratulations and have a great time!

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    I use the Bullfrog 36 spray. It covers well, stays on and I've never been "stung" by using it! BTW - bring more than you think you will need and pack it in your checked luggage because (a) you will probably need it and (b) it's a little pricey on the resorts.
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