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    Default Razorbacks at CSA?

    We have often wondered how many Arkansas Razorbacks call CSA home? We will be making our 3rd trip in July to CSA from central Arkansas. Wooo Pig Soooie Go Hogs!
    Carl and Alice

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    come on guys...I know there are some Hog Fans who love CSA! Let's hear from you....

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    Did you say HORN fans?? \m/

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    Sorry Texas LongHorns for arkansasgirl...only that Razorback Hog!
    Which Couples do you call home? Ours is CSA.
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    This will be our 3rd trip to CSA. I've considered the others, but the beach and Atrium suites are what keeps us coming back. We do plan on checking out CN one of the days.

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    austex~This will be our first time to stay in an Atrium suite. We have stayed in Oceanview Verandah on our 2 previous visits. We are excited about staying there though. The beach is one of our favorite parts of CSA. Love to walk it and then just soak up the sun on a lounger. The vendors do not bother us...I know that is a concern for some people. Our daughter and son in law spent a few days at CSA a couple of years ago and the passing vendors were a concern of theirs. They went back to Couples Negril the next year and said that CSA was more to their personal liking. We will probably spend time on the other side at Sans Souci on a future trip. When are you heading down?

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    I will be there 7/2 - 7/9. We love the Atrium because of the privacy and my wife loves the hammock. I will try for a 2nd floor (it has the high ceiling and more privacy than the 1st floor). I'm a beach guy too. We have a pool in our backyard and it gets a ton of use in the summer. I think the only pool we got in was at the spa at CSA. I'll do CN on trading places, but I think we will be happy to get back to CSA. I'd like to go to the other side as well, but only if I could afford 2 trips in a year..LOL. Last time we were in Negril we took a long excursion to Nine Mile to see the Marley place which was really cool. The tour was only about 30 minutes, but the ride through St. Annes was AMAZING.

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    Sounds like we will miss you this summer. My husband spends time at the swim up bar. We went on a day excursion with talk of the town tours last trip. We went to Mayfield Falls, a fish market in the Capitol of the parish, stopes to eat at a roadside vendor,and by the home of the owner. We went by ourselves. It was a very enjoyable day. This summer we are just planning on staying at CSA, we enjoy getting up and hitting the fitness center early before getting to our "busy" schedule for the day. ha. This will be not only a 35th anniversary celebration but a much needed time away to chill. My husband had a massive heart attack and emergency quadruple bypass surgery last year. It was exactly one week before his 55th birthday. He has never smoked and has always been very active. We have always strived to follow a healthy diet. Howeve, there is a large family history of heart is ease in his family. He has owned a plumbing service business for the past 27 years.(I am in my 30th year of teaching second grade.) So stress played a part as well. We have survived the past year...and now are looking forward to some relaxation. enjoy your trip! Let me know how it went when you return.

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    akgirl, my sympathies on the husbands heath setback. My family too has a history of heart issues. My wife and I hit 15 years in 2010, so this is a delayed celebration. I too had a tough year, losing my father in February. We both knew we had to get away for a while for some much needed "chill" time. My excursion in 2008 was with that same tour group (that I won't repeat .. I told my wife that we have to do the swim up bar this time (hopefully there will be a couple of vacant seats)....I would love nothing more to celebrate my 35th anniversary in 2031 in Negril . Have a safe trip and I will post a review when we return!

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    OMG....just came across your post. I'm a Razorback, born and raised, originally from Texarkana but currently residing in Maryland. We're coming up on our 6th trip in 3 years to CSA. Absolutely love it there!!!

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    tharris...FINALLY a Hog Fan! When are you going to CSA next? We are on the countdown of 18 days tomorrow...Our daughter and son-in-law (born and raised Razorback..graduates of UofA) live in Rhode Island. It is pretty neat to walk around that part of the country and see a Hog shirt or hat. Do you make it back to any of the games...regardless of the sport? We are looking forward to football this fall and the upcoming basketball season. Of course, baseball is great as well.....track and field, etc. Go Hogs!

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