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    Default Scuba Diving Ocho Rios

    Will be visiting CSS in August, need to do my open water

    dives to complete certification. Just wondering what the

    experience is like scuba diving in Jamaica, and how deep is a

    shallow dive ?

    Can not wait until August

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    I dived with CTI in March and they dive the sme / similar sites. Water temperature is find I dived shorts and T shirt but mose people were in a light wet suit, hire of I think $10 dollars a day. Temperature whilst I was there was 80 on the suface and 78 at depth, visiblity can be up to around 70 feet. Open water qualifies you to 60 feet but a shallow dive if you take any as part of your qualification will be where they take the resort certified divers which is generally 30 feet maximum. The qualified dives can be anywhere up to about 90 feet once you have completed qualification. Enjoy
    Regards Dave and Chell.

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    We were at CSS for two weeks in Feb and the dive master Philip is amazing!!I have my open water but hubby did not, so he did his "book" portion through before we came down then did his dives as CSS and was very pleased! As I am certified, I got to go on all of his dives with him for free! All of the dives were around the 30ft mark and if you want a bit deeper dive, first thing in the morning they do a 65ft. I went on that, but hubby had an equipment malfunction and had to stay in the boat, nothing serious, just a broken clip on his weight belt and they had no spare, oh well it happens!
    I have dove in many places and feel the staff at CSS are great!
    They were all very friendly and patient! Never pushed any student past their comfort point, if someone needed more time on an exercise, they got it!
    We both wore 3mm shorties but I am sure in Aug. the water will be alot warmer! If you are taking a course they do not charge you for a wetsuit, they never charged me either and i went on five dives.
    Good luck and have fun

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    Thanks for all the information I feel so much more comfortable about my beginning experience. I only want to do shallow dives, until I get more experienced. I can hardly wait, and thanks for the feedback.

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