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    Default Typical procedure

    When you walk onto SSB at CSS do start stripping down just pass the sign or can u get a chair first and sit down and take ur clothes off? Or do people go to the bathrooms to change? Where do u put ur clothes? Should I bring a beach bag to put them in? Where are the towels at SSB or do I just bring mine down from my room? That's what we did when we went to the pool and beach last time. Help?

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    Just find your chair & strip. Some hang their clothes on their chair, some put them in a bag. Some hang them on the near by tree or Pallapa.

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    Default SSB no problem mon

    People tend to worry too much about the a/n thing.
    There are not armed guards waiting at the gate to ensure nudity rules....
    Relax, walk in choose a spot on the beach or at the pool. Grab a lounger, set it up with your towel (we brought ours from our room, you can exchange them anytime at SSB) Most people change at their spot but wherever you feel comfortable is good. afterall you end up naked anyway. We always brought our beach bag cause its convenient to store lotions, books, towels etc.
    Also the food at ssb grill is awesome so you don't even have to leave for lunch if you don't want to.
    The people at ssb are great, friendly and accepting,
    Just relax and enjoy.
    We were first timers, went the first day and every day thereafter.
    Can't wait to go back....

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    You find a spot, layout your towel on the chair, sit down and remove your suit. It is not a race to undress, you just have to do it in a timely manner.

    You should bring a bag for your books, towels, lotion, cloths, and what ever you want.

    We always bring our towel from the room.

    Hope this helps.
    Irie Mon

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    Default You are overthinking

    When you get to SSB the idea is to relax---so you stroll onto the beach either heading to the beach or pool---most people on SSB are very friendly so you will encounter a lot of hellos --just get to where you want to sit out and disrobe. Very easy and laid back. Trust me no one is watching to see how fast the suit drops off. What most people do not like is if somone comes over and sits at the bar and starts making small talk all while dressed. all very laid back--the idea is to relax ---enjoy your time there !

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    You can go to your chair, get settled and then remove your clothes. We put our clothes in our beach bag. You will be provided 2 beach towels in your room when you first get there. You can exchange them for clean towels. The towels at SSB are located next to the beach grill.

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