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    Ok, I have searched every thread on here for Scuba and I have a couple of simple questions.

    What are the course offerings and costs assoicated with getting certified at CSA?

    Start to finish, how fast can it be done?

    Do you need your own equipment?

    I have emailed the resort and am awaiting a response, however I am shocked there is no literature pertaining to this subject on the website.

    Thanks for any and all help.

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    Check out the whole website before you find something else that shocks you.

    Prices can't be guaranteed because there are too many scenarios for what you may require to finish a course. There are several courses available. Timeframe can't be guaranteed because bookwork is self-paced, you may not pass a certain portion the first time, etc...

    No, you don't need any of your own equipment.

    Is Scuba diving included?

    From the website:

    "Yes, scuba diving is included:

    Certified Diver Program
    Dives are offered Sunday through Friday, deep dive in the morning and shallow in the afternoon. On Saturday morning we offer a two tank dive and no afternoon dive. The dives and gear are included with the price of your stay. We offer Night Dives for an additional charge. Consider upgrading your certification while you are visiting by taking an Advanced Course for an additional charge. Certified divers can dive once per day.

    Non-Certified Divers
    For non-certified divers complimentary Resort course and one complimentary introductory dive is offered. Additional non-certified dives are $50 per person, subject to availability. The Resort Course is offered Monday through Friday at 9:00 am. Guests are asked to sign-up one day in advance. This is not a PADI certification course.

    Open Water Referrals
    Our PADI Instructors can continue and complete any portion of the Open Water Course you may have begun at home for an additional charge. Couples Swept Away and Couples Sans Souci now offer online theory PADI classes.

    PADI certifications, Advanced and Specialty Dives, Full Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver and Dive Master Certifications available for an additional charge.

    All Divers
    Please Click Here to review the medical questionnaire for divers. You don’t need to provide this form if you don’t have any medical condition that may require doctors’ waiver. Otherwise you must get the appropriate waiver before arriving at the resort (the form must be stamped by the physician / medical facility. You must bring the original form– faxes and photocopies cannot be accepted).

    The alternative is to visit a doctor in Jamaica to be cleared to dive. Expect the cost to be at least $100 if done in Jamaica.

    Night Dive
    Available at $50 per person. Minimum of 4 participants required."

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    I can only answer one of your questions: you do not need your own equipment; the resort will supply all that you need. I'm posting primarily to suggest that you post your question on the Main MB rather than on the Au Naturel thread.
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    This is somewhat worrying me that nobody knows the answer to these questions. I guess I was wrong figuring that someone would have spent some time diving due to the free inclusion.

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    Default Naked Scuba?

    Are you looking for naked scuba diving?

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    We were certified in 2 days at CN, cost us 370 each, and yes they provide all the gear.
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