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    Default CSA Review 19/03-26/03

    Well first I will start by saying that our trip was extra special because my boyfriend and now fiancée proposed to me on our trip!!!! We had a private beach dinner (so worth it!) and it was sooooo romantic and everything was wonderful! At the end of the dinner the desert came and the waitress brought me roses and a card written from my boyfriend and then she uncovered the desert and written in chocolate around the bowl was WILL YOU MARRY ME!?!?! He got to one knee in the sand and pulled out the ring and I said YES!!! It was so special!!!
    I cannot say enough good things about the resort!!! EVERYTHING was outstanding!!! The beach, the food the drinks, the rooms and the STAFF!!!! The staff are absolutely the best!!! Truly wonderful people and made our trip so special!!! Thank you so much CSA for making our vacation so perfect!!! I cannot wait to go back!!!

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    I could feel your JOY! So Happy for you!

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    That brought tears to my eyes, how cool! Congratulations, are you going to get married at Couples by chance?

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    Congrats on your engagement

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    That is so awesome. Congrats! CSA is so romantic and beautiful. So glad you had a great time and made a great memory.

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    Congratulations! Sounds like a wonderful, memorable time!

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    We remember this when we were married there on the 24th, your face beamed with joy when you were telling us, congratulations again

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    Sounds like you've got a VERY thoughtful and special guy! I love the story of your engagement. Hopefully, you'll be telling it to your children and grandchildren one day! Congratulations!

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    I could read your happiness in your words. Congratulations and blessings on your wedding!

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    Wow! It does'nt get any better than that! How romantic. Congratuations on your engagement! Your CSA experience is indeed a memorable one for you!

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    Congratulations on your engagement. I'm so happy for you both and wish you the best.

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    Default Csa

    CSA is truly a magical place. Congrats on our engagement....

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    Awesome! And...CONTRATULATIONS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT!!! I also had tears in my eyes while reading your post. How sweet & romantic your guy is! He's a KEEPER!!!

    We returned from CSA on March 6th and I miss it daily. I agree with your statement regarding the staff. They are wonderful and truly add to the experience.

    softail19 asked if you were planning on getting married at CSA. Do tell!

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    Hello happily engaged couple from TO---Emmerich and Tabi from Cambridge want to say hello. I had never seen anyone glow like you did that day! We too miss CSA alot and treasure the time we spent there meeting great people like the two of you. Staff,food,guests--everything was beyond what we had expected. if you get married there---we would come!!

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    I as well had tears in my eyes. We are leaving tonight for CSA. Celebrating our 10 yr and renewing our vows. Reading this makes me smile so much more. Congrats and thank you for sharing.

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    Thank you all so much for the well wishes!!!! It was truly so special and magical and so so memorable!!!! As far as the planning goes we have not made any decisions yet, we would love love to go back to CSA and would love to get married there the trouble being it would be so hard as I have a big family. We will see
    HELLO to Tabi & Emmerich!!! Pretty cool that you saw my post!I will keep you posted! It was so special to share with everyone including mkcouple! I remeber your wedding too! Congrats again! It was truly a memorable trip!!!
    I have to say I am still beaming pretty big!!! Getting closer to returning to earth but still not all the way there yet!

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    Congratulations! If not for your wedding, you'll at least have to go back to CSA for your honeymoon! Your fiancee sounds like a wonderful guy. My wife and I did our first honeymoon at CSA last year and had the time of our lives. We're going back this year in 12 days for our 2nd honeymoon. Wow, what a great place to receive a marriage proposal. How wonderful!

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    Congratulations!!! I have a tear in my eye just reading it. The excitement in your voice just comes out reading your message. Maybe u can go back to CSA to get married. That would just b icing on the cake.
    Terry & Tonia Collins

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