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    Default CSA beach, how wide is it?

    I am wanting to try running on the beach, how wide is csa beach? I am wanting a 3 mile route, so anyone have suggestions for where would be a good 1.5 mile out spot and then i could turn around and come back?
    Thx.....7 days and counting...

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    If you run north from the Cabana Grill, Beaches Negril is 1.5 miles one way.

    I just used Google Maps to find the distance along the road. Drag the starting/ending points as you wish. The road and beach are mostly parallel, so the distance will be almost identical.

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    How WIDE? Wide enough for running. You really want to stay at the waters edge where it's packed anyway. Running up in the soft stuff may sound like a good workout but unless it's what you are accustomed to I think it will prove harder than what you want.

    If you mean how long...plenty long enough for a 3 mile's 7 mile beach. You could go either direction but I'm not sure what to give you for landmarks if you face the water and turn left. Face the water and turn right and if you go as far as you can go out and back I believe was about 3 miles. At one point there will be a path up away from the water close to the road, it will be sort of through some trees or between the trees and the road. It seemed weird at first but it's fine and in a short distance you'll come out onto the beach again. Actually if you do the google thing you can see it if you know to look.

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    The beach at CSA is great for running. Plenty wide and long enough for a nice run. When you walk out to the beach, turn left (South) and you can run about 1.5 miles almost to the river. Run in the morning, less crowded and cooler. Run just at the edge of the water line. The sand is just wet and packed enough to make a perfect running surface. Try running bare foot, it is great. If you are not up for that I recommend wearing an older pair of running shoes. You will not be able to avoid getting them wet, at least I couldn't, and they will get funky from the sea water. But it is a great run early in the morning.

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    You're on a really long stretch of 7-Mile Beach at SweptAway... from property to property, SweptAway is about a quarter mile. But if you run from north to south, you can just keep on going for a few kilometers before you run out of beach.

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    Running the beach a CSA is a great idea. You can run to the right or left when facing the water and its wide enough either way. I always run to the right. You can run as far as you want following the waterís edge. There is a short section where the beach ends for a bit and you have to follow a path though some trees. But,is still easy running. Remember, the beach is angled and this can be hard on your legs and hips if you are not use to running on unleveled surfaces. I like to run the beach early in the morning when itís cooler.

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    Default Running the beach

    C.S.A. is right in the middle of 7 mile beach. I have strolled down the beach a few times and I like to go to the right. When you walk to the beach from the buildings at the resort go to the right. Lots to see. You can go for miles in either direction.

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    Any recent photos of the beach at CSA

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    Thanks for asking this. My husband and I have recently started doing 5k races and are hoping to keep up with our training while at CSA. I've heard the gym is nice, but I'd much rather enjoy the pretty scenery of the beach while we're getting our run in if possible.

    We will be arriving a day after you, maybe we'll see you on the beach

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    Default Road running another option.

    Running up or down the road is another option with totally different scenery and background music of honking horns & chicken/goat noises.
    Just run off the pavement and against the traffic.
    We just got back from CSA and did beach or road running every other day...I liked the road best!

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    There is at least one photo of the beach at CSA in the morning in the March Photo contest.

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    We did take our older running shoes for fear of getting them wet or full of sand. Neither of us had a problem and next time we'll take our "current" shoes. The sand near the water line is packed hard enough it didn't kick up into our shoes and if you stay up just a bit off the water you won't get wet. I suppose if the water were particularly rough you could get a wave wash in and soak your feet but we were there last October when it had been stormy and it was pretty rough and we were able to stay dry. This comes from folks who run on country roads all the time so we are used to dusty shoes but I am a bit of a fanatic about protecting my feet so I'd say bring your good shoes.

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    The beach is great for running. I ran it in 2009 everyday while vacationing a CSA. Also....if you want to mix it up a bit....try the fitness trail by the fitness center. It's all good!

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