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    Default shapes and sizes? CSS

    My husband and i are curious about the AN beach at CSS. With ?'s such as how is the beach, and we are reluctant to venture out because we are not exactly models. Advise?

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    I didn't see a single model at SSB the whole week we were there in Feb/March. There were definetly all shapes and sizes - No Worries Mon!!

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    Hi danja,
    Please don't fret over this! At SSB all are welcome! I will be turning 50 during our next trip and my husband is 56. He has a cute model body, but I definited do not. But I am happy that I am healthy and able to travel to CSS and SSB.

    You will be there with the person you love and no one will be judging you! That's what's AWESOME about the AN experience. Once the clothes are off all is good! You are going to meet the most fantastic, open-minded people! SSB is wonderful because if you want to dive slowly into the AN experience you can get loungers on the beach, or if you want to be more adventurous you can get loungers by the pool. Everyone there is so happy to be free of wet swimsuits and enjoying their time in Jamaica, they are just happy to meet you!

    Please go and enjoy with now worries mon! When are you going? If we are there at the same time, we will be your first AN friends! We arrive at CSS on July 20 and will leave on July 28th. If you have any more worries or questions you can post your email and I will be happy to respond!

    All the best!

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    Let all you worries go. Get nekid and enjoy. All of the folks there will make you feel comfortable regardless of size and shape

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    Go, that is my advice
    Try it out. What do you have to lose?
    I have not really seen any models (M or F) at SSB. Just normal people.
    I have seen/met/gotten to know tons of great people!
    We have several friends that we see every year at CSS and at SSB
    We've met some nice people at the resort away from SSB but the people that we hang out with (go to dinner, go to the bar, sit with at the Gala or beach party, etc) are all from SSB.

    We love the beach at SSB
    We usually get a seat under one of the palapas in the morning and migrate toward the pool area after lunch. SSB is large and is rarely crowded. The beach is a little rocky and the water is cold where you get in (because of the White River) but it is refreshing.

    We will be there in about 76 days. Hope to see you there

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    Here's some advice... Go. Do not worry for one minute about "we are not exactly models." I understand, it's only human. But be assured, you will be less judged on SSB than on the main beach. Read the entire "first time AN, scared" thread in this section. That should help.

    As far as the beach goes, neither of CSS's beaches are classic beaches. They are compact cove beaches. Very intimate and beautiful. I love Sunset Beach with its cold water river flowing by and the fishing boats motoring out to sea and back with their catch. It's not about the beaches at CSS, it is the whole magic feeling of the place and people. There are lots of classic beaches one can visit, but I promise you will not find another Sans Souci anywhere.

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    danja - Sunset Beach, the AN beach at CSS, is beautiful, peaceful, romantic, social, lots of fun . . . It's whatever you want it to be! There's lots of room on the beach to be away by yourselves if you wish, or you can sit around the pool bar and get to know a lot of new friends, and share many a good time! 95% of the people on Sunset Beach are not models, either. All shapes and sizes of people enjoy au naturel sunbathing, and I guarantee that you will not find a nicer group of non-judgmental people anywhere than on an au naturel beach!

    Send us an e-mail to if you'd like, and we'll send you lots more information on CSS, and some pictures from our trips there. We just got back from 10 wonderful days on Sunset Beach, and had an amazing time!!

    BTW - We were so glad to see Jheanel back behind the bar at Sunset Beach!! She's terrific!!

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    Mostly calvin klein and victoria secret models there. Ripped abs and chiseled pecs everywhere, along with women with flat stomachs and extremely perky uppper halfs.

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    Sunnydayz: ok thanks I get it haha. I feel like a dumbass for asking a stupid question. But for everyone else who gave a most appreciated response I say thank you! You all have been helpful.

    Live, Laugh, Love
    thanks again,

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    The AN beach is generally loaded with Ken & Barbie types just waiting to make you feel bad - NOT! Our experience (3rd time to Couples) is that you will see all types, shapes & sizes, with all manner of trimming (or none), so don't sweat it - just have fun. The people that seem to frequent the AN side are typically much friendlier and enjoyable, and not judgemental at all - just there to enjoy a terrific AN experience. We think the AN beach at CSS is better than the textile side beach. We also like floating on a float in the pool and going under the waterfall in the middle when we get hot.

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    Danja, the model types hang out at the prude beach. Swear to God. You'll see and it's funny.

    And if you don't go, you won't meet the bartender, Jheanel, and that would be a travesty.

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