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    Default Challenged Piocture Poster....or wanna be poster...

    Can anyone give some concise, easy to follow directions about how to post a picture to a thread. I am working from windows Vista, office 2007, etc..... I have all of my pictures downloaded on this computer and can access them by hitting start, then my pictures, then going to the "Jamaica" folder.....
    I hope this gives enough information so that someone smarter than me can help.

    Thanks in advance to all that post a reply......

    One Love!!!!!

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    Click on blue Help tab on top most right. (Next to hall of fame)

    In help you will see a post:

    >> • How to Insert Your Pictures into your Posts

    Remember you have to reduce your pictures before postings.
    Irie Mon

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    Default Post a picture

    All you have to do is scroll down....
    Under Additional Options click on Manage Attachments.....
    Click browse...
    find your photo on your computer and open it
    then click upload.

    It's that easy.
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