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    We will be at CN July 17-23. This will be a much-needed vacations and the first trip to Jaimaca for both of us. We are celebrating my boyfriends birthday but also relaxation. This will be the first vacation I have been on in about 10 years!

    We booked through a travel agent and it says our room is: Great House Verandah Suite. Can anyone tell me about this room? Where it is located? Good or bad?

    As first timers, is there anything that we MUST do? We want to enjoy as much as we can. Another vacation might be years away!

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Hi rychma
    We just returned from CN last night...I didn't recognize the "Great House Verandah Suite" for CN....are you sure that you are going CN and not Couples Swept Away (CSA???)

    If you go to the Resort Tab and hit accomodations, it will give you a virtual tour of the room as well as give you what is in each room.

    We were also first as much as you want is all I can say. My hubby had all these things planned for us and I think we accomplished 3. Do the Catamaran for it as soon as you get there as well as your dinner at Otaheite. Otherwise, go with the flow, consult the activities list a day or so in advance (they give this to you when you arrive) and then relax. You will have a wonderful time!!!

    Stacey & Travis
    Sylvan Lake, AB Canada

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    Default Very sure

    I ended up finding a thread on the main message board that had pictures of the Verandah Suites. It looks like it is in the Gatehouse and more of a hotel feel. I would guess these are probably the most inexpensive rooms. It looks like they overlook the swim up bar. Does that help any?

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    You may want to call your travel agent - great house verandah suites are at CSA not CN.


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    I called the travel agent and she verified that we are at CN.

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    She is wrong.

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    I think it's time to get a new

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