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    We are coming to paradise in August 2011 for the first time. Any advice from some pros would be appreciated? Any events that are a must see? Curious also about charter service to Negril verses the bus? At this point I am pretty positive it doesn't matter what we do it will be a blast!!

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    My advice this message board, everything you need to know is already here and it's fun to spend some time reading and getting excited for your trip. You don't mention which resort you are visiting, this is helpful in answering your questions more specifically.

    My advice is to be sure you don't pack your trip full of things to do, allow plenty of time to sit, relax and just soak in the view from your chair on the beach.

    "Charter service"...I assume you mean the flight? Or do you mean private ground transfers? Both are available. Again, there is a ton if info here already, at the top of the page is a thread on the new charter service with all the info you could need.

    You will love Couples!

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    The best advise is enjoy yourself. I don't know how long you are staying, but you will find when you get there how relaxing and lazy you will be. For the first visit and if you are staying around a week. I would stay with the activities at the resort and some of the trips the resort sponsors. You will find, time will go by very fast. Our first trip, we had so many plans on what to do, and did only 2. We just really enjoyed the beach, water, food and drinking. You are in for a vacation of your life. I personally would take the bus to the resort, you get to see part of Jamaica that you don't see on the resort. It takes a little longer, but it is an eye opener, plus you get to meet other couples going to couples. Have fun

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