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    Default Bearso @ CSS ... Weljef's@ CTI - we'll miss you

    Barry - Happy Anniversary !!

    Darcie and I are returning to CTI for 1st time since we all met in 2005. (We'll be there 8/21-28, same days as you guys at CSS!)

    Let me know if you guys plan on a 'Trading Places' day over to CTI.

    We are going to check out CSS one day: Either Monday 8/24 or Wed. 8/26 (lets plan ahead so we don't trade on the same days!)

    - hope to meet up with you and the Mrs.

    15 days away!


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    TOO COOL. Yes we are going to be trading places. Don't really know when but we need to figure a way to be in touch when we get there. I should have my cell phone with me but short of that, we sholud be able to call each others resort and sak for each others room number and call between resorts. E-mail me at rutryder(at) yahoo (dot) com and I wll give you me cell number... Hope all has been well ewoth you guys...

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    I am trying to respond to this post but it is not showing up. email me at "rutryder(at)yahoo(dot)com" Looking forward to seeing you guys again.

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