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    Planning for our July trip and picking up clothes I'll need for the trip. We'll be there for dinner six nights. Is Feathers the best place to eat and should I plan for 2 dinners there? How about lobster night should we plan to eat at Feathers that night? That will leave 4 nights (1 night is the beach party) for the others. I've never had Thai food before but I am willing to try it. I am going back and forth on the private dining. I sent away for the brochures and included were some packages I haven't seen on the website. One is actually geared for couples celebrating an anniversary and it includes private dining. Is swimwear the dress for the beach party or is it casual clothes? Sorry for all the questions but I want to make sure I bring the right clothes and eat at the favorite places.

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    The menu at Feathers didn't appeal to us so we didn't eat there others rave about it so whether it's "the best place to eat" is truly a personal choice. There will be a menu posted at the entrance to Palms so you can check it out, there is a sample menu on the CSA web site also. Eating there twice will depend if you can get the reservation and you may also want to consider whether you want to be on a schedule for two of the nights of your trip. We find that we like being able to hang out on the beach until we are ready to go back to our room and then take our time getting ready sometimes even sitting on the verandah for a while and not worrying about the time.

    Just FYI, Lemongrass is the Thai place. Maybe that's what you were referring to. Again, there is a sample menu on the CSA web page.

    The beach party is an evening meal set-up on the beach but you will still wear clothing not swim wear. It is a buffet with entertainment.

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    Feathers was our favorite during our trip last summer. We ended up eating there 3 times during our 10 day stay. The only meal we thought was better was the repeaters dinner -- do not miss if you're a repeater. We enjoyed both Lemongrass and Patois as well, although the food and atmosphere was not near as nice as Feathers. Speaking of atmosphere, we found the AC refreshing at Feathers....a nice break from the warm, humid summer air (not that we didn't like that!).

    Enjoy your trip.

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    We enjoyed the Palms and Patios just a bit more than Feathers. Again a personal choice but like sherrynchuck said you have to have a reservation at Feathers and then you have to worry about the time. All 3 are a good choice. Actually, you can't go wrong no matter where you eat at CSA. It was all excellent.

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    We really enjoyed Palms a lot but my favorite meal was at Feathers. Actually enjoyed dressing up a bit. The shrimp cocktail, salad, she crab bisque ( Can you say rich ? interesting presentation), filet with shrimp (adding the shrimp was the server's idea), pirate's dessert and Blue Mountain coffee along with extraordinarily attentive service made for a memorable meal indeed.

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    We loved Feathers for Lobster night (we've also eaten lobster at the Palms, Lemongrass and Patois)....It's not really that hard to get reservations at Feathers or Lemongrass, as long as you're not committed to a specific time.

    Please remember to bring a shawl or sweater if you do plan to go to Feathers, as the AC can sometimes be VERRRY cold....and please remind your SO to bring closed toe shoes, trousers and a collared shirt for Feathers or Lemongrass (although Lemongrass was more flexible when we were there at Thanksgiving of last year)....

    Have fun!!!!

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