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    Default CSA-Beach Front Veranda Suite or Great House Jacuzzi Suite?

    We are honeymooning at CSA end September beginning October and have booked the Beach Front Veranda Suite but for $60 more we can get the Great House Jacuzzi Suite. Any ideas? Is the jacuzzi big enough for 2 people? It looks farther away from the beach but is it more private? It also looks like its either in or really close to one of the main buildings so is it noisy or busy? I think the only difference in the rooms are the size, location and bathroom but they both have all the same amenities, right? Any tips would really help.

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    For the most part they have the same amenities ( flatscreen TV, minibar )...and they are much newer- the Greathouse was completed later in 2006. The bathrooms are HUGE and the jacuzzi looked big enough for 2 but it's pretty hot in Negril, so I don't think we'd use it - we've never used the outdoor Spas either.
    There are only 4 Jacuzzi suites, ( 2 on the 2nd floor and 2 on the 3rd ) and the Greathouse is set up higher on the property so those rooms have great views....but they are not right on the beach..
    While we love the BVS
    the GJS is the only other room we'd consider at CSA..
    If we had stayed in one of them on our first trip,( they weren't built yet ) we would probably choose them every year...
    I would be very interested in booking that if it were my first time.
    The Greathouse is where Feathers, Patois Patio, 2 Gift Shops, Tour Desk, Disco, Internet room, Casino are located.
    The one and only drawback is those rooms face the Swimup Bar so if you are afternoon might hear the noise as that area gets loud...but otherwise, not a dealbreaker.

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    I would personally stick with The Beachfront Verandah suite. I don't love the Great House as it has more of a hotel feel and it's further from the beach. Unless you absolutely love indoor jacuzzi bathtubs stick with what you have. If you are worried about privacy pick a second or third floor room.. you will have a great view and more privacy! Enjoy!

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    The Great House suites are in the Great House bldg, which has some restaurants, gift shop, computer room, casino, and lounge so it's more like a regular hotel. We met some people staying in one of the Jacuzzi Suites and they said you could not hear the music from the lounge. We stayed in a BFVS and I really liked it. I preferred the BFVS because it was right on the beach and we could leave our balcony doors open and hear the ocean at night. Here are pictures of our room:

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    We have always stayed in the beach front veranda suite..which is so romantic (5 years in a row now)! I will admit that we have not stayed in the Great House. The Great House seems like a typical "hotel" to us whereas the BFVS are not hotel like at all. We prefer the ground floor end unit rooms which make it seem like the beach is your own personal front yard! It is quiet and romantic. We live on the veranda the whole time and love the close proximity to the beach. The Great House is not right on the beach and is close to the "Aura Lounge" which can be quite loud in the wee hours of the morning.....

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    We just got back from CSA last week and I'm having withdrawals already. We stayed in a beachfront veranda suite and COULD NOT have been happier. When we go back we'll book that room again.... I'll try and get you some pics on here in a day or so so you can see the room inside and out....

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    Thanks for all the great comments, I actually called to check availability for the Great House and they were all full so I guess its meant to be. I dont like the idea of a hotel feel as well as noisy in the afternoon because we are nappers. We are really excited about the BVS! We requested 3rd floor corner so we can have a great view. To those that posted pictures, did you have a good view of the ocean and what floor did you stay on?

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    We booked a BFVS last year and had the privilege of staying in a GHJS the first night due to the fact that there were no BFVS's available. We LOVED the GHJS!!! We also enjoyed our time in the BFVS, but we preferred the spaciousness of the GHJS. The bathrooms in the GHJS are about 4 times the size of those in other rooms, with the jacuzzi (which is large enough for two, but is probably generally underutilized due to the heat in Jamaica), large walk-in shower, and DOUBLE vanity.

    We did not have any problem with noise the one night we were in the GHJS. We had a fantastic view of the beach and loved the proximity to Aura, Internet Cafe and Patios. The rooms are accessed from the inside, so in that respect it is more "hotel"-like. However, I have never gotten a "hotel" vibe from any of the rooms, especially once inside the room.

    This year we have booked an entire week in the GHJS and can't wait!

    Mark & April
    CSA - 06/03 (Honeymoon), 07/08, 10/09, 10/11, 5/14
    Secret Rendezvous - 11/05 (CN), 06/07 (CSS), 12/12 (CTI)

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