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    Default Our Wedding 4.8.11 CTI

    Still on vacation, but here are just a few pics we took before the wedding. Stacey Clarke was our photographer and we will have her pictures by the end of the week. Everything was WONDERFUL. Flowers were a $65 upgrade and were beautiful A full review to come once we get back.

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    beautiful!! can't wait to see more!!!!

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    agree with Ashntommy!

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    Lovely! Can't wait to see more pics Congrats!!!

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    Hi Everyone, We are back home Had a week in paradise, then ended up spending an extra night in Atlanta due to mechanical problems on the plane!

    Anyways - Here is a summary of the wedding events/trip:

    We stayed at CTI from 4/6-4/13. Wedding was on 4/8. We arrived at Montego Bay about 1pm on the 6th. We got thru customs in under an hour, went to the Couples lounge, had a few icy cold beers, and then were shuttled to the resort. Our bus driver was awesome. He played good music and made 2 quick beer stops for us on the way. We were at the resort by 4pm. Check in was very quick, but the rooms weren't quite ready. The staff brought us some refreshing drinks, and took us to the beach grill for some food. After that our rooms were ready. We had the superior ocean room. It was beautiful. Very close to the ocean. It overlooked the wedding areas and was spotless. I kept hearing how the beach at CTI was so small. I thought it was plenty big. (not like Negril, but still very nice) I thought CTI was more secluded than Couples Negril - but both resorts are beautiful!!!!. The 2 pools and the beach never seemed crowded at all. After we checked in, they notified me that I would meet with LaToya on Thursday morning. We met with her for about a half hour. Picked out flowers. $65 upgrade for mine and $30 for the bridesmaids. The fee for Stacey was charged to the room, but I was not able to use the resort credit. We paid the balance at check out. I also forgot to ask for flowers on the cake. (oh well - i guess something always gets forgotton) I gave LaToya 3 songs on a CD. One song for the bridesmaids, one song for me, and a song at the end. Our wedding was at 10 am. The sky and water were beautful that day. I had hair and makeup done at 8am. It took about an hour. I wore my hair down. My curls did droop later in the morning, but I guess with the humidity it couldn't be helped. They did a nice job on my makeup. I didn't want it too severe for the wedding day. Stacey arrived at my room at about 9:45AM. She is so nice, and just makes everyone feel very relaxed. The ceremony went very fast. Short, sweet, and to the point. After we had cake and champagne. I also had LaToya send a bottle of champagne to the room for us girls when we were getting ready too. Everything was soooo easy! For dinner, we had reservations for our group at the Verandah. When we met with Latoya, she had us pick out menu options at the Verandah, and then had a special menu printed up for the guests. It was really a neat touch. I handed out the OOT bags at dinner that night. For pictures, we used Stacey for about an hour and a half. She took 400+ pics. I will have them this weekend and repost the link to my facebook page. She also did a slide show for us and I love it! I was glad I spent a bit extra to use her. Here is the link to the show:

    Also - our best friends got married on the 9th. (they stood up in our wedding) It rained that morning so their wedding was at Bayside. It was beautiful! The sun actually came out right when their wedding started. I will post pics of their wedding to my facebook page as soon as she gives the pics to me - they used the resort photographyer - Sheldon. Also - they had their dinner poolside that night as part of the regular gala that goes on. It was very nice. So, even though we got married one day apart, both weddings were very different and equally nice.

    I think that is it for now. Let me know if you have any questions. All I can say is, I think all of you brides will have a wonderful stress free amazing wedding day!!!

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    Adorable! I love it!

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    great review and your pictures are beautiful!

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