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    Default The all new TEAM CSA April 2011 Thread

    Hi TEAM,

    I am going to start a new thread. Why?? I current thread is now 6 pages long. I started at the beginning to start a spread sheet with everyone's names. I soon found out that there just wasn't enough info to make a spread sheet possible. So here is the new thread.

    Please post here from now on. Please give me your names, where you are from, and when you will be at CSA in April of 2011. I wlll start a spread sheet in order of arrival date. This way every one can see who will be there at the same time as they are.
    Also if you are able, post a photo of yourself.


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    Erika & Sean Johnson Creek, WI 4/23-4/30 (celebrating my becoming another year older...LOL) 31 (well 32 at arrival), and 34yrs old. This is a pic of us last year out to dinner at Rockhouse.
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    Erika & Sean

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    Hi All,

    We're Eric & June Simson from Oklahoma City, OK and can't wait to be at CSA in 95 days. We'll be there from April 21-23 before heading over to CN for a week. Looking forward to seeing those we met there last year and meeting new Team CSA couples.
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    See ya'll there!!

    Bart & Bug

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    Hi TEAM,

    A few reminders for this new thread.

    I started TEAM CSA in 2006 as a way to meet couples and help the children of Jamaica. I have posted many times what I feel the true meaning of TEAM CSA is. Folks watching and posting on the TEAM CSA threads has grown dramatically every year since 2006. Last year was absolutely crazy with over 600 posts and almost 22,000 views. It looks like TEAM CSA 2011 is also running strong with almost 5,800 views already on the original thread.

    What Team CSA is about??

    In 2005 Dorothy and I celebrated our 25th anniversary by going to CSA. It was our first time in Jamaica. We, as many couples do, absolutely fell in love with CSA. On the plane home we talked about making it a yearly event. We had a wonderful time but for the most part we stayed by ourselves, which is what we wanted at that time. After we booked our trip for 2006 we decided that it might be fun to meet some couples on the message board before we went down so we started Team CSA. Many couples responded. Then when we arrived at CSA, some of the couples that were responding on the message board met in the sports bar. We met many couples that we responded to the months and weeks previous to the trip.

    Team CSA is about meeting couples and becoming friends. We still have our alone time but when it is time for dinner there was always someone there to sit with and share a meal, someone to talk to while having a drink at the swim up bar, someone to share experiences with, to laugh with. And believe me, we laughed a lot. In no way is Team CSA about being loud, rude, or drunk.

    One other thing, when you post your info, add in how many times you have been to CSA.

    More to come.


    How bout them PACKERS!!

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    Chris & Paul

    Farwell, Michigan

    April 16-30
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    We are Brian and Amy VandenBos from Grand Rapids, MI. We will be at CSA April 20th- 28th. This will be our first trip to the Negril side of the island but our 3rd trip to couples. We are 35 years old and looking to escape the kids and relax and unwind. Looking for other couples to hang out with and maybe take a trip to the Pelican bar. 93 days till we're home.
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    Kim and Kevin
    April 15-23
    8th trip to CSA
    Look for us on the beach and at the swimup bar in 88 days.......

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    Joe and Sue
    April 3rd to the 17th 4th visit

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    Mr Tom...

    It's going to be a classic game Da Bears vs The Packers. Got to root for the Bears since the Lions won't be there.

    I think it is our 8th year at CSA


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    Go packers!
    Erika & Sean

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    This is our 2nd visit to CSA and you can count us in on contributing as part of the Team.

    Bart & Bug

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    Hi Tom,
    Sissie from N.J. My husband Roy aka R.J. and I visited last April for the 1st time. I was ready to cry when we had to leave, needless to say my husband and I booked not long after returning home. We will be back for round 2 April 21-29. I do see some faces from our visit and cant wait for the next 92 days to pass. See you on the beach.

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    Sue and Randy
    April 21-28
    8th trip to Swept Away

    it's all about the kids

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    Roy & Sissie Burlew, NJ
    April 21-29 2011
    2nd visit, 1st time "coming home"
    90 days and counting - cant wait!!
    Tom, I believe we were at CSA the same time last year.
    I remember seeing you and your wife.
    BTW - Aaron Rodgers looks like the real deal!
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    See you all at the swim up! Anyone else flying out of Chicago on the 23rd?
    Erika & Sean

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    L to R Kevin & Barb, 4th trip Edmonton AB
    Erin & Tom 17th trip Thunder Bay ON

    April 16-27

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    Last edited by Tom & Erin; January 23rd, 2011 at 06:13 PM.
    Tom & Erin 24x CSA Veterans
    Officially Janadian

    Don't worry about a thing, 'cuz every little thing is gonna be all right...
    Robert Nesta Marley

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    Joe and Jody Valliere, Rama, Ontario Canada, April 5-12.

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    Joe and Jody Valliere
    Rama, Ontario Canada. First timers can't wait April 5-12th.

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    Paul you got it!

    Team CSA count down.....

    April 1st only 70 days!

    Here's a picture of our first meeting of Team CSA at the Sports Bar...
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    Kim and Kevin
    86 days

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    Leslie & Brian, Columbia, MD (near Baltimore) 4/18 - 4/28. 6th consecutive. No pictures from last year, T&D, K&K do you have any old ones? Hope so, we'll look younger. We are coming with another couple (nephews with similar interests) for the first time...not sure what to think of that....GO STEELERS!!!!!!!

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    Hey everyone,

    Been so long since I've been on this MB, I missed you guys!

    Len & Tracy
    April 21 - 28
    4th time to CSA
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    Chris and Rick from Topsham Maine
    4th trip to CSA
    We too are coming with another couple (son and longtime girlfriend Matt and Ana) for their first visit. Should be interesting
    Having trouble getting photo to upload in post...sorry

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    Mark and Robin White
    April 19 - 27...

    Whoo Hoo....

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    Forgot to post where we are coming from...

    Mark and Robin White
    April 19-27 1ST TIME!!!

    Ferndale, WA

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    Leslie here's a good picture of the two of you....
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    Go Steelers!!!

    Sorry Tom

    Kim and Kevin
    (82 days)

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