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    Default CSS SSB questions

    We are looking forward to our first Couples trip and first AN experience in June! We have a few questions about SSB.

    Can you swim in the pool or on the beach at night? Is the hot tub open at night?

    We saw a post on the MB that you had to go down to the main beach early to reserve a chair. What about on SSB?

    Tom & Mia
    June 17-23

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    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Not necessary

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    Yes to your questions about night time. The only time you might not be able to is if they had a special event going on.

    When we were there in December there were always loungers available. You might not get a "hut" but there is a lot of shade if you need it.

    You will have a blast. Enjoy.

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    We love to go down to Sunset Beach at night. On a clear night the starry sky is fantastic! SSB should be open for use every day except Tuesday (beach after party) and Friday (gala after party).
    We stick to the pool/hot tub though (not the ocean).

    It could vary by season, but when we go in August there seem to be plenty of chairs avaliable at SSB. Occasinally you may need to move one a bit if you want to nap in the shade.

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    Yes you can use the hot tub at night. You can swim in the ocean at night also,however we have been 6 years and never seen anyone swim at night. I think it is the fear of the unknown at night that is the reason. You are better off staying in the pool or hot tub. Save the ocean for daylight hours. As far as saving chairs at SSB, the ones close to the swim up bar go faster. The chairs at the other end of the pool and on the beach are usually available. We go every July and have never seen all the chairs full.
    "Once you know"
    Steve & Victoria

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    We will also be at CSS, and SSB from June 22nd to the 29th. SSB is the best, you will have a blast!

    Patrick and Diane

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    Thanks for all the replies. We can't wait to get there! 66 days!

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    For you guys that go in June & July how are the temps? We have gone in December the two times we went and this past one it was very cool. Just wondering if it is way to hot in the summer. Seems a waste to leave hot Kentucky to go to hot Jamaica, but really don't want to have another December like we did this past year.

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    I can't stand cold water, the water in June was perfect!

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    Coming from Texas in July, it's a pleasant break from the heat. Yes it's more humid for us but cooler overall. The pool water is a tad bit cooler than at home, making it very refreshing. I found the ocean warmer than the pool water. We've been in Cancun in December and had to wear jackets/sweaters and long pants in the evening. My brother in Michigan says he would never go to Jamaica in the summer because it the only time of the year they have nice weather.

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    Kycouple, we went mid-November last year and it was just a little cool at SSB and very cool in the pool. As you can imagine being au naturel and getting out of a cool pool not good for the man ego. I believe I would prefer warmth and am going to give it a try this July. I imagine that even though it will be warm there will be a breeze as usually typical of tropical climates.

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    We usually go to CSS in July and love it
    The only time I have been cold was during a torrential downpour at SSB
    We are in KC so the temp is usually a little cooler. Last year it was 94 when we left KC and 88 in MoBay

    We went to CTI in Dec a couple of years ago
    The temp was OK (82-84) but the water was cold
    It was too cold to sit in the water at the swim up bar at the island
    but laying on the loungers next to the pool was just fine

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    We will for sure enjoy the pool, but we have one at home and like to take advantage of the ocean when we can. How is the water depth on SSB and do you need water shoes. Where do most people spend there time?

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    Are the pool and hot tub au-natural at night?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Questor View Post
    Are the pool and hot tub au-natural at night?

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    Default Pool temp

    We will be going to CSS the first week in March. Can we expect the water in the pool to be warm by then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 74Stub View Post
    We will be going to CSS the first week in March. Can we expect the water in the pool to be warm by then?
    Yes! We were there this past early March, and the pool water was fine for me to get int0, and I'm one that likes the water a little warmer! Enjoy!!!

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