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    Default Message board obsession

    Ok, I need my trip to come. 21 more days and we will finally be at csa. My poor guy has been so patient with me as I check the board over and over every day trying to get my "couples fix". Anyone else addicted now that they have booked?

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    Quote Originally Posted by madtown mom View Post
    Ok, I need my trip to come. 21 more days and we will finally be at csa. My poor guy has been so patient with me as I check the board over and over every day trying to get my "couples fix". Anyone else addicted now that they have booked?
    I've been addicted since about October of 2006. It gets worse as every trip gets closer...

    36 days............

    Bruce and Kelli
    Kalamazoo, Michigan
    CN 2006, 2008; CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CSA 2014; JRB 2015; CSS 2017

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    Oh of course! But, I'm addicted whether I've booked a trip or not. I am going back to CN in April and can't wait! We are looking to go back over Christmas again this year. The last two years we did that and had the best of times! Never too much time with Couples either actually there or here on the MB (rather be there).

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    We've been addicted for years!! The message board is the only thing that gets me to my next trip. We've been fortunate to go once a yr the past 3 years but after this next trip (aug) we wont be going for a while due to some terrible home issues ($12k basement fix needed!) So i know ill be checking the boards all the time to be sure i can last until the next trip "home". You are certainly not alone mom!

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    Yessssssss! The first thing I think of every day when I wake up is the number of days left until we get to Jamaica. 12 days now! We booked the Secret Rendezvous, so there's another countdown - 5 days 'til we KNOW, 12 days 'til we GO. We've never been to Couples or Jamaica, but we're very excited. We spent a week together in Mexico at an "S" resort and had the time of our lives. We booked with Couples because the adults-only all-inclusive stuff is VERY important to us.

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    I know i am, on it multiple times a day. Luckily my computer screen faces the window so no one can see me. i don't know what i will do after July.
    OOOP's here come the boss - bye!!

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    Yes, I keep reading and reading.. we'll be in CSA in about 46 days... can't wait!

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    Default Nice to know its not just me

    OMG! It is so nice to know I am not the only one! LOL! 17 days and counting.

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    You are reading the words of one of the originals... My posts to Couples message boards go back to the original MSNGroup board... you can look it up. In anycase, all I can say is there is no cure. You can get your fix when you go "home"... and it will probably last for a few months... then you slip back in to look once or twice... and suddenly you see some poor sap newbie asking a question that you can't help answering.

    Such is our addiction...

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    My name is Sara and I'm a Couplesaholic!!! I love to read about other people's trips and especially the newbies excitement because we vets know what it's like. Im hooked !

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    Default Can Totally Relate

    I, too, have become addicted to the message board. It has become a ritual for me to check it every evening right before I go to bed! We live in Northern Alberta and it has been a veeeeerrrrrryyyyyyy long, cold winter. Knowing I am going to Jamaica in April is helping me get through these winter blues and this message board is a big part of this

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    I'm glad they don't show how many times you have logged on to the messageboard

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    I am officially a member of the coupleaholic club!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The board has me hook, line and sinker. Maybe I should say, rum cream, jerk chick and pastries at CN. A very long 335 days to go.

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    I am so glad to know I am not alone!!! We are going to CSS and CN in September (newbies) and my hubby keeps teasing me about being on the message board so much. I am learning so much.I agree with The Macs from Canada....verrrrrry long winter here in NY and I can't wait for the sunshine and smiles!!!!!!!!!

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    Oh I am so addicted to this site! I can't wait to go!!! Looking outside all I see is the white stuff falling still! And all I can think is I wanna be on a beach with a rum drink in my hand! So yeah, I'm on here multiple times a day. LOL

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    Oh such a member of the message board. My husband is getting ticked because I don"t "sit" with him to watch tv anymore....he watches and I read. I am still a Couples virgin as our trip isn't until May, but you learn so much from the message board. I think that all travellers should be looking on the message board to see what to expect. If more people were like us then there would be alot less people complaining about silly things on TA such as noise, and lack of service as todays review did (this i find hard to believe). I think this is a great forum and should be viewed by all!! 52 days and counting...can"t wait

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    Default Message Board Maddness!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can't get anything done around here! Every time I sit at my computer (I work from home) I am checking this damn message board. I never should of found this on the site. I leave on the 23rd for CTI, hopefully I can get it out of my system when I am there. 5 more nights of not sleeping because I am soo excited for this vaca! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Right there with you. I'm getting married at CSA in September. It is evident I'm spending my summer on the message board counting down the days! Send pics!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BruceandKelli View Post
    I've been addicted since about October of 2006. It gets worse as every trip gets closer...

    36 days............
    I totally agree!!!
    Jeff (Mandynjeff)

    Admin - Couples Resorts Photos - flickr group
    Admin - facebook/CouplesResortsJamaica

    CSS: 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013
    CN: 2013

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    I want to know how many of the Couplesacholics are one of the couples
    I think my wife thinks I am crazy.
    Don't get me wrong
    She loves Couples
    She loves our home, CSS
    She loves to hear about alll of our SSB and CSS friends (Hi Jeff and Mandy, Dave and Erin, Big Willie and Susan, and everyone else)
    but she is not on the MB at all

    Am I the only one?????


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    YES! Going crazy waiting...27 days, 19 hours, 29 mins

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    You are Not the only one, but my sweetie has not been yet. I'm sure once he experiences couples, he will hop on here a bit more.

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    Also a message board addict. I've gotten so many great tips about little things to bring (insulated mugs, bendy straws, etc) and love hearing everyone's stories and suggestions. My boyfriend definitely thinks I'm a little crazy!

    Hey Macs from Alberta, are you from Fort Mac or is Mac part of your last name?? Been a long, snowy winter here in the northeast too, can't wait till CN next Monday!!

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    Hey John, my hubby never gets on the board. He'll look over my shoulder when I find interesting and funny posts. So he's supportive, but definitely doesn't have the addiction.

    What's weird for me is that once I return from a Couples trip, I start to stay away from the boards. Initially I'll go on to share our trip, but then I get this little depression knowing I won't be returning for awhile. So the obsession goes away....temporarily. Once we book our next trip, I start going on again. Usually 4-6 months out the addiction is back and in full swing. I think the anticipation and excitement counting down to the next trip is part of the fun!!

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