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    Hi all,

    We leave for CSA this Sunday (WAHOO!!!) and couldn't be more excited! I emailed the staff using the Contact Us portion of the website last week and haven't yet heard back. Does anyone know the typical response time?


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    Hmmm, I emailed them awhile ago, and it did take some time to get a response. Maybe over a week? I remember being a bit surprised that it took so long...

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    I didn't use the online contact. I needed to make sure it was noted that our trip will be our Honeymoon, so I called the 1-800 number. I quickly spoke to a VERY nice woman and she had me all set up. I'd recommend calling!

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    It seems as though they do not get a lot of the emails that are sent to them through the website. I believe the problem is with their spam settings. I know they used to use Fusemail and the defaults for that are pretty high so many things get deleted automatically and don't even go to the spam folder. If they haven't responded yet you might just want to call. I have always had a very hard time contacting anyone by email unless I am responding to an email they sent me.

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    What did you email them about? Many do not have good luck using that method but who to contact directly depends on the subject. If you were simply doing your pre-checkin you don't need a response so no worries. If you were trying to book a private dinner you can contact guest relations or the Romance Concierge at CSA. See where I'm going...specific questions can be directed to the right person to get you a quick response.

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    What were you emailing them regarding? If it was just your flight information they won't respond

    If it was something you need an immediate response to I suggest calling the 1-800 number or calling the resort directly through the contact page on the website.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    It may be better to post your question on the board and we or Randymon can help you. I think the problem is that they get so many emails under general questions that they can not address all of them in a timely manner.
    Irie Mon

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