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    Considering a visit to Sans Souci (have been to CSA 3 times). Is there tennis and are there snorkeling, glass bottom boat and catamaran trips? Thank you for any information.

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    CSS has snorkling and a glass bottom boat trip,but no cat cruise. They say that the reef is too close to shore for a cat cruise to operate.

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    Here is the answer to the question about the glass bottom boat, indeed it is included:

    The question about snorkle is answered here, also available:

    A link to the daily activity list at CSS does not show the catamaran cruise, unless someone else knows otherwise:

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    Hi EllenandJohn,
    CSS has the glass bottom boat and snorkeling, but no catamaran. CSS is such a lovely resort I don't think you will miss the catamaran!!! You can book a private sunset sail through watersports--I think its $90 but well worth the expense from what I have heard. Once you visit CSS I know you will love it!!!


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    No cat trip, they can't get past the reef. Yes, tennis, snorkeling, and glass bottom boat. Check here for other stuff.

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    I originally said yes to all, that's when I thought there was a catamaran cruise. From the other posts, I guess not. We have been to CSS three times, with the last being last month. It's the only place we'll go in Jamaica.
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    no catamaran seeing as the boat can't get into the cove area due to a reef

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    Has everything the same except no catamaran cruise but you get room service until 11pm, the Starlight Gala and the best spa in the caribbean instead not a bad trade off!
    Shari & James
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    Quote Originally Posted by EllenandJohn View Post
    Considering a visit to Sans Souci (have been to CSA 3 times).

    Is there tennis Yes, (2) Hard

    snorkeling, Yes

    glass bottom boat Yes

    catamaran trips? No, they can not get the boat in.

    Thank you for any information.
    A must do is Dunns river falls.

    Hope this helps.
    Irie Mon

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    Yes, CSS has tennis, snorkling and glass bottom boat trips as well as a trip to Dunn's River Falls. They do not offer the catamaran cruise.

    You're welcome,

    Bart & Bug

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