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    Default Facebook: May14-21 guests

    We thought it might be fun to connect with those that will share the resort with us May 14-21. Facebook is a good way to get a feel for our compatability etc. Our facebook url's are below.

    Feel free to send us a friend request.

    Mike and Lidia


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    Such a fantastic idea, this way you can really connect on faster level. We just got back in March and will be returing next March also so I wont join but wanted to say you have a great idea, enjoy your vacation

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    My bf and I will be there May 16-22!

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    Not going on same dates in May but I requested you all anyway! We can anticipate the trip together!!! We are newbies and soooo excited!

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    We will be there May 16th-20th.

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    Too bad my husband and I will just miss you. We will be there May 7-12. Hope you all have a fantastic time!

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    My fiance will be at CTI May16th-20th.

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