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  • Skip breakfast - sleep in.

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  • Order room service.

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  • Order room service, THEN go eat breakfast.

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  • Eat an early breakfast (No room service).

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  • Eat a late breakfast (No room service).

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    Default Breakfast ritual

    What do YOU do for breakfast while at Couples?

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    I loved hitting the breakfast buffet. I'd stock up on bacon, the potatoes of the day, eggs, and some breakfast breads or pancakes, and maybe some fruit. I LOVED breakfast, it'd make me so excited to go eat that I'd wake up early and have to wait for breakfast to get served, LOL!

    My wife doesn't like waking up early, so she liked doing room service and staying in bed. We did that 2 days, but the rest we ate at the breakfast buffet.

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    Well I'm usually the sleepy head between the two of us but while in Jamaica I can't sleep in. I will just lay there dying to start my day. So I usually had room service bring coffee and fruit by around 7:30 and it was a lovely way to start our day. Then my husband would hit the gym and I would walk/jog the beach for a bit. Then we would meet at the breakfast buffet for a nice big spread! YUMMMMMMYYYY Can't wait to go back.

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    We usually stay up pretty late, go to Patios for breakfest around 9, and then take an afternoon nap on the beach. Ahh, what a tough life!
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    My husband LIVES for the breakfast buffet! However, we love to have coffee, croissants and fruit for room service delivery early as a wake up call. Dilly dally for a bit (sit on the balcony and feed the various birds) and then off to the buffet

    8 more days til CN... Woooooooohooooooooooooo!!!!!!

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    We would order a small breakfast and some coffee at the earliest time available for room service. We would eat on our patio then take a long walk on the beach. When we finished our walk we would stop in Cassava, eat some hot breakfast and make our way to sun on the beach.

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    Is it me, or is it easier to get up early at Couples when on vacation verses a work morning? I would wake up on my own way earlier verses being at home and having to use an alarm to get up.
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    Room service coffee and fruit is my alarm clock!
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    CSA: Wake early & make the coffee. Then, persuade the husband outta bed w/a cup of fresh brewed on the verandah, head to the gym & workout, return & shower, and then head to the buffet or Patios, depending upon what strikes our fancy. Love it!!! Razzl

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    One thing I really wish CTI had was a "good" room service option for breakfast. Everything offered is loaded with carbs - there are no protein choices on the in-room breakfast!! I enjoy breakfast, but my husband generally isn't hungry in the early mornings. We typically have slept late at Couples and then head down to the buffet so I can get my protein. And mimosas...can't forget those!

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    What a question!!I thought everyone knew that at Couples there is a meal called second breakfast.It's mandatory!!!I thought I saw it in one of their by laws!!LOL!!!

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    My husband does not care for birds, so our breakfast ritual is that he makes a pot of coffee in the room, I go down to the beach, dump our stuff, go to the breakfast buffet and get fruit, muffin and a mimosa, head back to the beach. By the time I get back to our chairs he is there with his coffee.

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    We always wake up early, sort of the body clock since I get up before sunrise during my daily life. I would read on the balcony until the other half got up. We were usually at breakfast by 8:30 (unless we did something more important first.) The buffet was great as well as the omlet bar. I almost always ate an omlet, where the hubby would try the buffet more. Then off to SSB for the day. We always took some bread to the ducks and turtles at the pond on our way to SSB

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    I'm a VERY early riser - not because I want to be but because I have TERRIBLE insomnia. So while at Couples, I am usually out of the room by 6:00 or 6:15 am, wandering around taking pictures or just sitting with my feet in the pool or walking on the beach in the quiet. Hubby sleeps until about 7:30 or 8:00 & then comes & finds me in our favorite spot on the beach or pool & we head in to eat breakfast. He eats a huge breakfast that always includes an omelette & the works. I always have fresh fruit & a pastry or bread. If we are at CN, that pastry is always a couple of chocolate croissants. YUMMY! I usually drink a glass or 2 of champagne but hubby sticks with his Blue Mountain coffee. Then we head out for our morning walk on the beach.

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    Breakfast at couples means...cheese! Croissants and cheese. And Champagne.

    And my husband eats a large mound of bacon.

    Gosh...I can't wait to get back there.

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    I think next year, I want to try this tactic: order room service 1/2 hour before I should get up (I have a bad habit of sleeping WAY late...and the 1/2 hour is 'cause it's Jamaican time, mon!), then I will get my butt out of bed to have a leisurely breakfast. Then it's to the beach!!! And maybe more breakfast later

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    Sorry, Papa....we can't answer that because you didn't include enough choices. We don't do any of the above!

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    If you're going to be doing a lot of drinking during the day, it is advised to eat a big breakfast.

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    Early breakfast - light, unless there's ackee and saltfish.
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    Would never skip the breakfast buffet. That's where we meet some of the best staff\servers, and we look forward to greeting them every morning .
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    We got room service one morning but weren't terribly impressed with it, so the rest of the time we were there, we got up around 7 and went to the buffet around 7:30. I needed my french toast and mango juice!

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    WALLY - explain???

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    Default Breakfast ritual

    Just like at home, I'm up usually by 5:30 while hubby sleeps til 7:30 or so. I love to get some coffee at Cassava Terrace, wander the grounds for awhile, then hit the treadmill for a bit, followed by TaiChi on the beach when it's just beginning to get light out. We usually have the awesome room service coffee, fruit and yummy banana bread, then take a walk on the beach and drop our beach bag, books, etc. on a couple chairs at thebeach before heading to the buffet for 2nd breakfast My favorite on the buffet is whatever kind of hot cereal they are serving.......always delicious!!

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    We love to have room service deliverd to our room early for coffee and fruit on the veranda of the beach front suite, then later go to the palms for an omelate and a mimosa. what a way to start the day.

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