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  • Skip breakfast - sleep in.

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  • Order room service.

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  • Order room service, THEN go eat breakfast.

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  • Eat an early breakfast (No room service).

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  • Eat a late breakfast (No room service).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allans_Angel View Post
    One thing I really wish CTI had was a "good" room service option for breakfast. Everything offered is loaded with carbs - there are no protein choices on the in-room breakfast!! I enjoy breakfast, but my husband generally isn't hungry in the early mornings. We typically have slept late at Couples and then head down to the buffet so I can get my protein. And mimosas...can't forget those!

    Maybe if they had a choice for cheese on the room service card for CTI that would help.

    Personally, I like to get my chocolate croissant, fruit and juice to eat on the balcony while we are waking up and getting around and our stuff together. Then we head down to the buffet for one of Ulysses omelets, bacon and cheese.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SNW View Post
    And my husband eats a large mound of bacon.
    We must be married to the same guy or long lost brothers- LOL!! My hubby eats about a pound each morning.

    I have to share this story - one year, he had his physical the week we got back, which included bloodwork. When the doctor got the results he was appalled! Steve's cholesterol levels were through the roof and his liver values were that of a chronic drinker, especially for a 26 year old. Steve tried to tell the doctor that it was because of vacation, but the doctor refused to believe one week away would make that much difference but he agreed to re-test him weeks later. Well, the second test showed that everything was within normal ranges and the doctor was amazed! He wanted to immediately know which resort we went to because it had to be good!

    This is from one morning at CSA. Note that the croissants are stuffed with leeks and bacon.
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    Wake and bake, blue mountain coffee, and some bacon for a nice finishing touch. Ahhhhh.........I feel better just thinking about it.

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    You know what, I discovered my own drink at the buffet.
    Instead of making a mimosa I get the Soursop Juice on the breakfast bar and mix that with Champagne... its the best. One day while I was mixing my concoction one of the Couples Staff came over and said "I have never seen that" Its good, worth a try

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    Papa Smoke

    Ask TW that question and he will tell you that there is nothing better than having a good friend order you an early morning continental breakfast that is delivered about 5 AM. I wonder if his eyes were open when he answered the door!

    For us it's an early morning continental breakfast to kick start the morning. Fresh Blue Mountain coffee, banana bread and fruit out on the balcony as the sun comes up. The sounds of the staff as they quietly start thier day doing those jobs that we all take for granted. Cleaning up after us guests. Then it's off to a full breakfast about 8am and a day of dodging TW as he hunts out the culprit who ordered room service at 5am.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Singlespeedrider View Post
    Is it me, or is it easier to get up early at Couples when on vacation verses a work morning? I would wake up on my own way earlier verses being at home and having to use an alarm to get up.

    Yes! We'd sleep with the curtains opened, and were in building 6 on the 2nd floor so we'd get lots of light into our room early in the morning. We were usually eating breakfast by 6:30-7:00AM and on the beach by 7:30! And my wife HATES waking up early, too!

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    You have to define early and late. If I get breakfast before they turn it over to lunch I consider that early. A late breakfast is called lunch.

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    We get up at 5:00 AM and watch the moon set and sun rise. My honey then goes to get our coffee (he empties our water jug and fills it with Blue Mountain coffee). We drink up and get to the gym by 6:15, work out, shower and then go for a beach walk. We then get to breakfast at about 8:45 - eat some good stuff and drink some mimosas (me) at the Palms, then hit the beach by 9:30. We LOVE our morning routine at CSA!

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    Every morning we would go to Patios (CSA) for breakfast. The French Toast is heaven!!! It is so delicious. My husband loved the whole wheat waffles. Great smoothies. And a fruit platter. So good! I can't wait to go back!!!

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    Pastries and coffee are a given on the patio!! Who can resist the buffet though.. so after a really early patio coffee party listening to the birds it's off to the buffet for callaloo omelettes and smoothies!! Oh gosh.. I can't wait.. 128 more days!!!

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    Default poll breakfast ritual

    got to have our blue mountain and fruit on the beachfront veranda early, then a little later on go to the palms for omelets and mimosa's

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    Hey, Papa....

    We always get up at a NORMAL time (not early or late) and do the buffet. It can't be beat!!!

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    Wally - LOL!

    Jim - TW told me he wasn't going to give anyone the satisfaction of knowing he was awakened on MORE than one occasion on his last trip!!

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    Most mornings, room service early, a morning scuba dive, then back for a REAL breakfast at the palms after our dive..
    Don and Kim
    Savannah, GA

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    Papa Smoke

    I'm glad that someone kept up with the morning tradition.

    Did he ever get the midnight delivery of Pizza?

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    I love getting up at the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise---my internal clock also plays a part in being up so early---we love to be able to snack on the balcony and take in the beautiful surroundings, have a chat and enjoy that Fine Jamaican coffee, chocolate croissants and some fruit----then it's off to the buffet to get some eggs and such, meet up with friends and start another wonderful day----

    5 months, 3 days until our ritual begins again!!!!

    Paradise, soon come!!

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    We were in Jamaica in January, but not at a Couples resort. We are coming back to Jamaica on October 18th and have booked 10 days at CN....after reading the posts, I'm over the roof with excitement....I love Blue Mountain coffee and I am an early riser....the room service sounds perfect for me. I will be able to enjoy coffee and a light breakfast while my husband sleeps in...can't wait. Only 68 days to go!!!

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    We always get up early when we're in Jamaica. Don't want to miss one minute of the beauty and sunshine. Can't wait to get to the breakfast buffet. Love Blue Mountain coffee. It is truely the best.

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    I love breakfast at Palms. We try to get one of our favorite tables, next to the pool, and enjoy the buffet and the most beautiful morning view in the world. The beach and ocean view from Palms in the morning is stunning! One of my favorite things about CSA. Can't wait till next June.

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