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    Are there mini bars at CTI? And is horse back riding going to be included inb 2012?

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    Yes and no.


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    There will be mini bars from august 21, 2011 and at that time the included horse riding will no longer be available.

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    They're adding mini bars in all rooms at CTI this August! here is a topic about it. There weren't mini bars/fridges when we went last year, but we really didn't miss it. It's a close walk to any bar and they give you reusable water bottles and there are lots of filtered water stations through the resort.

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    Per Randy's post.

    Yes mini bars in 2012

    No included horse back riding.
    Irie Mon

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    As of now only the Suites and Junior Suites have the min bars.
    They are adding mini bars to all the rooms effective 8/21/11

    As far as the free horseback excursion, they will no longer be offering it as of 8/21/11. Although you can still book it thru Guest relations, but there will be a charge
    Also on 8/21/11 they will be offering full room service until 11 PM at CTI

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    As of August there will be mini-bars in all rooms, but horseback riding will no longer be offered.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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