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    Default How to combat some of the TripAdvisor silliness

    Greetings to all:

    It is no surprise - albeit very disheartening - to learn that some of our competitors are actually writing negative reviews of our resorts to improve their TripAdvisor ratings. We also find that some are writing their own positive reviews to mitigate real reviews by their own guests.

    I suppose we should feel honored that lil ol Couples Resorts deserves such attention.

    As we all know, one does not need to stay at a resort to write a review. This is one of TripAdvisor's flaws. This is not to say that most of the reviews are legitimate.


    Let's see what would happen if you posted your reviews on this MB AND TripAdvisor. We are already pleased with our honest reviews and ranking, but evry lilly bit helps...

    Couples Resorts

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    This double posting of reviews is a very good idea. Even though I have posted a few times on Trip Advisor, I more often don't post there, just here. Here, posting a review is more akin to "preaching to the choir" since most folks here already know the story of our favorite resorts, but still enjoy visiting vicariously through others' reviews.
    I'd suggest that, in addition to posting the same review on TA, the reviewer include a link back to this message board which would invite the reader on TA to fully experience the accolades Couples receives from its patrons.
    We're headed back in two weeks - this time to CSS. I'll be sure to "double post" our trip report.

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    I've tried to post reviews on TripAdvisor, and they don't get posted, since there is "nothing new" in them. It's too bad that honest, positive reviews DON'T get posted since they are "the same" as existing review, but it seems ALL the negative reviews get posted.
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    I am very active on Trip Advisor and felt that recently there have been some really fishy reviews. It is a shame that some folks find it necessary to post such bogus nonsense.

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    Just goes to show you that when you are on top everyone wants to knock you down. They take pleasure in seeing others who are successful fail.

    Why not spend more time improving there own resorts instead of just putting down another organization to try and make yourself look better

    Couples resorts are not perfect, but they are as close to perfect as one can get.

    We just spent 10 days @ CTI coming home on 3/30. Paridise found!

    Randy: Keep doing what you are doing, because you are doing it real well
    Congrats on your Vow renewal. Wish we could be there for it

    Next time we will be at a Couples resort is CSA 12/13/11 to 12/23/11


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    I always mean to write a review but I just never get around to it. I will do it next time though. I have a lot of great things to say about the staff and really love the buildings and grounds at CSA.

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    Thanks Randymon! Most of us can look at reviews and know that some people just can't be pleased. Some may have a legitimate complaint but it won't impact all of us. There was one on there a couple days ago on CN that I noticed was removed a day or so later. Glad to see that because that was one that was so bitter it was bad. Some people don't know when they find a good thing.

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    Here is what I posted to Trip Review last year.

    Husband and I had the best time and are planning on going back every year. I could go on and on about how wonderful everything was, from the lounge in the airport and shuttle ride, all the food and drinks,( miss my green flag). How lovely our room was , and how beautiful the grounds and beach are. And I could go on for days about the service.

    But what we loved the most about Couples Swept Away was the romantic, carefree atmosphere helped us to remember why we fell in love 13 years ago, Thank you Couples Next year won't come soon enough

    And it hasnít.. 59 days Jamaica soon come.

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    Wow that's pretty low. I will most definitely share my experiences.

    Curious to know how you know this was happening?

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    Default Randymon

    I did just that when I wrote my review when we got back March's the same review here on the MB and on Trip Advisor. B.T.W....I'm a "legitimate" person! LOL

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    I have heard the same. As a first timer to CN- going in May, I listened to my travel agent and her daughter who have been several times ( that speaks volumes) and reading several reviews and research. Those ones that sound too terrible to be real, often are. Couples has an extraordinary reputation. And, I haven't even gone yet.
    Lisa ( going to CN May 19th)

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    I think our is rude of the resorts to do so but I must day I do enjoy reading them as they provide plenty of comedic relief as we know they are either false or some intensely over picky person. Out is a shame resorts feel the ned to post them and one can usually pick them out. Like one recently written fire csa and cn, one person traveled during a hurricane and expected couples to move mountains and the other was expecting a refund, ya just gotta laugh. 12 days to our third time to csa, can't wait!
    Erika & Sean

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    Funny you mention this Randymon. The latest bad review on a couple from China's stay in Sept 2010 was ridiculous. To trash CN because of a tropical storm is ridiculous. I started a TA thread about how unfair it was to punish the resort over a storm in the Negril travel forum and the thread was for some reason promptly closed by the Moderator.

    I'll be heading to CN not to mention Jamaica for the first time and I have the utmost confidence we made a great decision and look forward to the Couples experience. Rest assured, a TA review will be posted here as well.

    Congrats on renewing your wedding vows btw!


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    My wife and I were just laughing about this yesterday. I was checking the reviews on TA for CN and pulled her over to point this out. Immediately following a review titled "Never Stay at Couples Negril" are "One Love", "Best Vacation Ever", another "Best Vacation Ever" and "Fantastic". We just had to shake our heads and chuckle.

    "Once you go, you know" might have been an old Jamaica Tourism catch phrase, but "Once you go [to Couples], you know [how to interpret Trip Advisor reviews]".
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    I HATE Trip Advisor but that said, I will post my trip reviews there just to help MY BRAND....Couples. Now wait a second I really want more people to know how wonderful Couples is???? Well, I guess it can't hurt...

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    I have been posting on TA for about 5 years now and try to write a review for every hotel I stay in, as well as any restaurants in new cities that I either love or hate. I am not hard to please. In all of my reviews I have probably only written 2 bad ones. One was due to theft in my room and complete lack of care by the hotel owner. The other was due to really bad service and unclean rooms. If something is minor I will point it out but I don't let it ruin my stay. And if you don't report a problem and let mgmt have the chance to correct it, how can you really complain.

    Some people would write a bad review about Heaven I think. I never believe the absolutely horrible reviews on there though. If it sounds questionable it probably is. I think you should have to provide your room # and dates of stay to post on there. Or at least the name on the reservation. That way the hotel could verify the validity of the review and see if any complaints were made. I doubt this would ever happen though.

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    I can honestly say, people in general use those reviews on TA. When we chose to book our future vacation to CN it was based off such GREAT feedback from the couples reviews from TA. Now don't get me wrong you can't please everyone and some are just going to complain regardless. That being said, when a hotel or resort has a 90% average take every bad review with a grain of salt. I also pay attention to REPEAT visitors (speaks volumes) and Couples Resorts has a lot of those. Also what other Resorts have their own message board and their Senior VP monitors and messages the forum from time to time??

    We just recently found out someone we know who has visited a Couples resort CTI. Keep in mind we had already booked for next year and didn't inform her of that. So we asked, How was your past stay at CTI? "She RAVED about her trip, Great, Awesome, New, Beautiful, service was outstanding, loved the excursions, If you guys are going you'll love it". Long story short, we can't wait to visit.

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    Perhaps the reviews could have their own section on the message board. I was thinking each resort could have their own subsection; set up in a similar manner as the "Meet Up" threads are organized. Just a thought.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Ok Randymon, Done! I was just thinking that on this mb we are "preaching to the choir" so I was happy to write my review on ta today! Keep up the good work!

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    I have to laugh at the bad reviews as well. Usually anything said does not match my trip I had. We are going back to CN this June and bringing about 15 to 17 other couples with us.

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    Just posted my review from here to tripadvisor. Thanks for the reminder!

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    We have just submitted our review on TA as we do every time we go away. We always give honest reviews and it annoys us to think others cannot be as honest

    We loved it, loved it and loved it at CSA

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    I just hope ta lets me post my review since it will be my third of csa. We went rounds when I wanted to post one from our second trip. Finally I got it posted so we will see.
    Erika & Sean

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    I guess Tripadvisor has lots of flaws, but that is how I found Couples Negil originally. So it is not all bad. I will be sure to put my review there as well. That is so funny I always like to report back on how everything was to my MB friends, since I love to read reviews,get updates, relive experiences through someone elses trip.But I never thought to post them on TA.

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    I always tell ppl on the TA forum to come to the couples website and check it out. I hand my business card to strangers with the couples website on the back LOL I sell travel and was at Couples for the first time in Feb and cannot stop raving!! Besides, it is already hard enough to get a room there, we don't want too many people coming

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