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    We'll be at CSA in June and my husband keeps asking about fishing trips. Are there fishing excursions available at CSA?

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    I have never tried to set up a fishing trip in Jamaica but I am sure the resort can hook you up with one. We will be there in June also and would like to fish. Lets hook lol up and check on it.

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    I'm hoping he will slip into rum on the beach mode and enjoy our included excursions, but if he has the chance to fish....
    as for me, I'll be waiting on the beach.

    See y'all there.

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    They have deep sea fishing trips but they cost extra. I can't recall exactly but it seemed like alot of money so we decided against it. I want to say something like $100.

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    Fishing is offered through an outside charter service. Stanley's was who we went with It was 4 years ago when I went out with them and we found someone on the message board that wanted to split the cost of the boat. You can probably find some reviews online somewhere. I love to fish, but usually only get offshore once to twice a year. If you get offshore much I would save my money and do some other excursion.

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    Thanks for info. It would be amazing to fish there, but you're right about all the other things to do. Snorkel, rum, nap, repeat...

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