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    Default Seperate flight arrival times??

    Hello everyone! Very excited about my first Couples trip on my honeymoon to CSA this September 12-18th. I have a million questions but I'll start with the easy one. I have a family member who is coming with her boyfriend on the same date. The booked later, so their flight is different. They will arrive in Montego Bay about 3 hours after us.

    So my question is, I've heard there is a lounge in the airport for Couples guests. My first question is: Since my sister's flight arrives after mine, are we allowed to hang out in the lounge until she gets there? I've heard some shady stories about the shuttle to CSA, and would rather her and her boyfriend not have to go alone. Not a big deal, just curious if we can hang out there until they arrive.

    Last question is regarding the shuttle. Is it included as well in the price of the resort? Or do you pay for the shuttle when you get to the airport. On a side note, should any of us bring any cash with us? is the USD even used there? Thanks for all your help!

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    Shady stories? There is nothing shady about the shuttle to the resort. It's a free, air conditioned ride from MB to Negril.

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    Congrates on your up coming wedding,

    I dont see any reason why you cant wait at lounge, other then 3 hours is a long time and it is small lounge with really nothing to do. People usally only wait 20 minutes for a shuttle. Not sure what or where you have heard stories about shuttle being shady, cause everyone was professional when we went. And yes shuttle to and from airport is included.

    You should bring some cash with you. Most will tell you $500 - $300 in small bills. You should tip bagage handlers $1-$2 per bag, shuttle driver $10-20 per couple, if you go to spa they are tipped as well, and if you want to buy anything from the local vendors on the beach. US money works fine in Jamaica.

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    And if you go one the Catamaran Cruise you can tip them and they have some stuff for sale.

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    Thanks for the replies. I honestly don't remember where I saw that it was a shady ride. It may have been for another resort, I researched about 20 of them before making my decision on

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    Your friend will be no more alone on their bus ride than you will be. The buses leave for Negril and Ochi Couples properties every half hour or so. There is nothing "shady" about the transfer contractor.

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