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    Help ! We need some advice. We have been back a week now and are ready to book for next March. Should we go ahead now or will there likely be specials between now and then that will save us some money. Thanks. Bob & Judy

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    If you want to be eligible for the resort credit you must book by May 2nd for 2012 travel. It entitles you to a $300 resort credit. We booked our trip for next March a few weeks ago and booked directly with Couples (resort portion only) We will book our flights separately when they are available. I am thinking I will book the flights as soon as possible due to rising oil prices as I am sure airlines will be raising prices due to increased costs.

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    I seems that the earlier the better as far as making reservations. If you are booking for next March I would say it is definitely not too early to do so.

    Couple's kind'a gets in your blood, don't it? Welcome to the family.

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    Book now and keep an eye out for a better deal. If you find a better deal call and they will make the changes for you.

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    Good question! We are wondering the same thing. In addition, I used to automatically receive the Wednesday Couplicious Special at my e-mail address and that has stopped. Do I need to sign up for this feature again or has this notification been stopped completely by Couples? Just wondering...thanks!

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    There are always the Wednesday specials so you may find one of those that fit your needs and save you some money. March is a year away, I think I'd wait a bit.

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    Book now before the resort credit and low rates go away! They were set to expire on March 31 but I figured they would extend it and they did so you are in luck. I would not bank on them extending it again and the rates are only going to go up. If a Wednesday Special comes along that is a better deal you can always cancel your old reservation and book at the lower rates as long as it is not within 46 (I think) days of travel.

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    Default A Booking Question

    warmweatherfriend, I am with you. No Wednesday special, but just last week. Thought maybe they forgot???
    Have heard about a $500. resort booking credit. Anyone know about that or other ways to get a good price?

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    Book early and use the Love away plan. you have up to day 46 before your trip to cancel. THe best deals/perks are the early booking bonus. Using Love away, 1/3 of trip was paid for and picked up new credit card with 0 interest for 12 months of course charged the trip to that. Love to save $$ and get best deal
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    I didn't know they extended the early booking bonus...ignore my adivce, the others are right!

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